Saturday, 24 November 2012

Life | Building

Hey, imagine that you had six differently coloured bricks and a dice. Each time you roll the dice, you choose brick corresponding to whichever number you get and you'll use that brick to build (e.g. 1 = blue, 2 = red etc.). Once you laid that brick down, you roll the dice again and use the next brick corresponding to that colour. Sometimes we don't get to choose and we rather let chance decide for us. When we do that, we take a risk which may be rewarding.

What is perfect? What is coincidence? A coincidence is a must. When looking retrospectively, what has happened is what was supposed to happen. I think after these few months, I have somehow managed to build a wall completely of blue bricks (well maybe some other colours here and there, but largely blue). It feels perfect. The coincidence of such a chance overwhelms me.

But to get such a wall, one thing must happen before and that matters to what happens after. I must roll a 1 on the dice to get the first blue brick, then another 1 to get another blue brick and so on until I build a whole wall of blue. What is this probability? I think it doesn't matter. When looking retrospectively, it should be about the possibility and realising it.

It's kind of vague what I am trying to say but I am extremely surprised by what happened this year. If it wasn't for A, it would not have allowed for B to occur, then C then D and so on. Without the accumulation of each 'what if' step, this year would not have been like this. I would be a very different person. Life would be of a very different feeling.

It feels too perfect to have been designed by 'someone' - it feels like the coincidence of chance.

By the way I've been playing a lot of monopoly. It's way too fun because I keep winning.

Make it a reality - GIRL NEXT DOOR


  1. Probabilities kinda just dangle in front of us, but the possibilities are what fuels us to grab it? And these chain of events occur based on the opportunies we do/do not take, it's quite amazing isn't it? But I don't think I'll ever be able to wrap my head around your writing completely, it's such food for thought that I'll probably need to sit in my armchair and ponder about life's mysteries in trying to do so haha. Btw, I see your antlers pic in your instagram feed, love it! Carry on playing Monopoly!

  2. Very cryptic...! This year has brought some changes, but I guess that's life. Are they for the better, are they for the worse? Only time will tell.