Sunday, 2 December 2012

Instadigest | 2012 Spring

Okay, so Spring is over and the first day of Summer greeted me with terrible humid and rainy weather. Spring is a terrible time for a university student as much of semester two was in Spring. Also, exam results came out last week. The marks I got for each subject kind of surprised me. Anyway, I know I have my Instagram on the side bar, but Here are some of my favourite Instaimages this Spring.

Even just using Instagram has changed me I think.

And once again, I express my love for Instagram, I've gotten to know so many interesting people through photos, as well as keep in touch with some of my friends. I'm often quite surprised by them and their Instagram pictures because it is something I haven't seen from them before. Well, maybe I don't love Instabots as much.

 (WHY didn't I Instagram myself as Phoenix Wright? It was perfect.)

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  1. You're a celebrity on Instagram, Lion! n_n