Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Bailey Nelson Eyewear - The Freshest Frames and Boutiques

Over the break I got to know a bit about Bailey Nelson Eyewear from one of their founding fathers Scott. The label offers really cool and trendy frames and sunglasses for a great price. I think I'm pretty much in love with many local businesses in Sydney just because they have so much flavour and inspiration in what they do. Bailey Nelson offers eyewear at good prices and some of the frames and styles are comparable to designer glasses like Wayne Cooper.

The most interesting thing about the sunglasses is the idea of 'cutting the crap' to offer customers with good prices and stylish designs. I rather have a few pairs of different styles and colours rather than having one that I have to wear (end up always picking something black) for a long time. Also I find the store concepts really cool. Each boutique has a different make and decor so it is actually quite fun to have a look at all their different stores. My favourite is probably the one at Westfield CBD. Hmm, or maybe their first one in Paddington on William St. Actually I can't decide because they're all so different and cool in their own way. Looking at specs is a whole new experience.

Each pair starts from $95 and all their sunglasses are all polarised. I learnt something that day: if you place two sunglasses lenses behind each other and turn 90-degrees, and they turn opaque then they're polarised. Actually I noticed the same when I turned my phone sideways. Oh yeah, each pair comes with a 'Certificate of Awesomeness'.

Bailey Nelson 

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