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my must haves 2014

Once again, kicking off the post with "I haven't blogged in a while" but you know the age old excuse of uni and work - actually I can't really blame work I haven't been doing much of that. I've been buying a few things and rewarding myself for nothing (I guess if I was in charge of the economy I'd cause some pretty bad inflation). Nonetheless I think I can get back into routine very soon since exams are quickly approaching, less than 2-3 weeks away and I'll be done in 32 days.

Karl Lagerfeld / Marc by Marc Jacobs / Dior Homme / Acne Studios
Costume National / Saint Laurent Paris

The not-so-nice-to-me month of May passed so quickly actually. It was mainly just contemplating to begin my assignment due next Friday - I have yet to start because towards the end of a semester I just get so burnt out. I think it's time for window retail therapy and really make a list of stuff I want to achieve in buying, seeing as I have ticked off most of the stuff from last year. I do feel that shopping is empowering and can provide satisfaction. Also, this is probably the only age I'll be able to splurge (living at home, no mortgages and other debts) until later in life.

I do think that from frequent shopping, I have realised the downfalls of fast fashion. I don't always feel comfortable wearing fast fashion because the quality of the clothes does make a difference. I used to think the opposite, wearing it just for the style and the quality can suck it and get in the trash in a year. But buying quality items that will last a long time really does pay off. I find that I always return to 'slow fashion' than my fast fashion buys. Oh except for jeans, I wear black jeans 363/365 days a year.

I think a lot of bloggers talk about the items which they like or whatever but wouldn't actually buy so it does seem a little superficial. So I am doing the world good in setting myself goals. Ha! That's my justification anyway. Hmmm.. Maybe there will be good sales on because of EOFYS. Yes please. I'll feel so proud of myself when I get all these things - but looking at the balance of my savings right now, they will have to wait. I'll try not to break the bank again because I did recently, with a purchase from Saint Laurent but my idea about money is that well, you can always make more. I know, it's so bad.

Karl Lagerfeld 7 Watch

Watch Pick: Karl Lagerfeld 7

I've been eyeing this watch ever since it came out in 2013. But it's more expensive than any other of my existing watches and I can't bring myself to buy it yet. Also because I haven't really seen anything else too outstanding this year to my liking. It should go on sale soon. right? Haha time to bargain hunt. So freakin cool because the prismy triangle theme is so futurist and luxe which I adore. AND - it's black so it can basically be an everyday watch. Oh but there's a leather strap one which I rather not get.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Big N' Boss Leather Duffle Bag

Bag Pick: Marc by Marc Jacobs Big N' Boss Leather Duffle

So I did mention in this post that this was one of the most interesting mens duffles of NYFW SS14. And my eye is on it. I'm actually very proud of getting the Saint Laurent 24 Classic Black Leather Duffle this year and I told myself and my friends that I wouldn't really look at anything else for a while because that one should last me a long time but this MMJ bag has been in the back of my mind for a while and plus, it's nowhere near the price of the SLP. The main things are the great colour combination and size.

Shoes Pick: Saint Laurent Paris Black Leather Sneakers / Acne Adrian Black Sneakers

Saint Laurent Paris Classic Black Leather Sneakers / Acne Studios Adrian Sneakers in Black Leather
Now I kind of regret the words I used because everything else seems to sound nice except this (perhaps 'Pick of Shoes' no). I think sneakers are so cool and casual that they fit my daily style the best. I don't agree that menswear should always be that GQ-esque look (you know, all dressed up, in a suit and all) to be 'mens fashion'. I think a cool and collected everyday style is very important too. Sneakers really reflect the luxe and energetic nature of a guy's personality. When I was younger I would only wear high tops but in the past few years that has slowly changed when I realised that high tops really cut off the length of your legs (I had no low tops and now about half my shoes are low tops). I was tossing up between those colourful trainers from Raf Simons x Adidas or these Black Sneakers from Saint Laurent/ Acne Adrian Black Sneakers. Well of course the Acne ones are cheaper but the only thing I don't love is that they are patent leather - too much shine for everyday. These shoes are also very versatile and can go easily with almost any outfit. Leather is so important though, so that they become timeless additions to my wardrobe.

Dior Homme Blacktie 177S in Blue Acetate
Sunglasses Pick: Dior Homme Blacktie 177S in Blue Acetate

Which two things do I buy the most? Sunglasses and watches, well maybe I buy shoes more these days (I'm pretty sure in 2014 alone I got roughly 8 pairs of shoes already). I just don't like constantly buying new t-shirts and shirts. Anyway I have yet to get something from KRISVANASSCHE because I think he is so talented and I love seeing his designs for Dior Homme. I did mention in this post that I was infatuated with these shades BUT - I can't find them anywhere in Australia, nor have I seen them online form the site I'm usually on because Dior has such a limited and exclusive stock lists. Time to check out the Dior concept store but to go in means I will have to buy something right? Haha. I'll go for these sunglasses or something KVA has done in collaboration with Linda Farrow because the quality of those sunglasses are through the roof - and they're always luxe and smart. I'm not kidding. And I don't really like sunglasses with a bar because they make me look like I've got a monobrow :D

Costume National Cyber Garden EDT for Men
Fragrance Pick: Costume National Cyber Garden

Haven't actually looked at much because I have basically all the ones I want - my favourites this year are probably Bottega Veneta Pour Homme, Calvin Klein Red and Davidoff The Game Intense. Check out my Cologne Diaries. But in the beginning of the year when I visited Melbourne, I came across the new one from Costume National. Although the store keeper offered his sole bottle (which was the tester before the stock came in) at a reduced price, I thought I would be better off getting a completely new one. He didn't like this one as much as their first fragrance but I think this one is more fresh and summery. Which is great because who knows how long it will take for me to find this (it might be summer by then) as I haven't seen it in major department stores in Australia just yet.

Most of these things are accessories or what I think are secondary garments/ whatever lol, because I already have nice t-shirts, shirts and jackets I bought throughout the year. Oh god, my favourite and most useful ones to date are from Raf Simons and ASUZA - good jackets are good investments.

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