Monday, 6 October 2014

#MyCosmoStyle | 48 Hours of Vegas

I've wanted to do this post for a few months now (before I flew off earlier this year) and never got around to it. But what perfect timing now, because I can do it as a part of the Las Vegas style challenge hosted by The Cosmopolitan at Super-modern and luxe, the resort looks great and so should you. I've got nine pieces here for the day and nine pieces for the night as my take on fashion during travels, and at Vegas.

Classic styles are always on point. When going away, it's important to pack timeless pieces so that you're always stylish day to night, day after day.

"Travelling is the only thing you spend money on that makes you richer," - is one of the best things I've ever heard. I want to travel much more and spend my youth on gaining something worthwhile for the rest of my life. See the world, see what the terms 'style' and 'fashion' mean in Tokyo, Paris, Milan, New York and of course, Las Vegas.

When I went for a short getaway earlier this year to Melbourne, and China and Hong Kong, I noticed that I
would pack light, pack classic pieces and pack my favourite pieces. For Las Vegas, as it's such a fast-paced city, I'd opt for timeless pieces and stylish items that match my personality.

For the day, 'simple and classic' is the best. Look crisp and sharp. I don't travel without a plain white T-shirt just because it goes well anywhere any time. I'd also pack in a black t-shirt, something with more personality. They go easily with skinny black jeans for an effortless look. For something so casual, you'd want to style it up with accessories and shoes that suit your personality. Here is where the favourite pieces come in. Luxe it up and bring in the best and most exciting pieces you have and go for a cologne that is masculine with a noticeable top and mid note. If you have things to bring, carry a briefcase not a weekender, its much smaller and less cumbersome - perfect for brunches and going out.
I always like to keep in mind the hardware and highlights colour set - so I'd either have all matte black, or all silver, or all gold hardware.

1. White Shirt 2. KRISVANASSCHE White Transparent Sunglasses 3. ETSY Owl T-Shirt 4. Versace Eros 30 mL 5. Zara Skinny Black Trousers 6. Karl Lagerfeld KL1001 7. Maison Martin Margiela Black ID Chain Bracelet 8. Prada Saffiano Briefcase 9. Saint Laurent Black High Top Sneakers 

The transition from day to night is hands down the easiest for a guy, just pop on a classic deep navy blazer over your day look. Alternatively, dress it up smooth with a tailored white shirt (with or without the blazer), slim navy trousers and a pair of black desert boots. Navy goes so well with either brown or black but for an elegant night time look, black is the better choice. Finish it off with a belt that goes with your shoes.
Otherwise, opt for the clean white sneakers and maybe a bow tie as you hit it off at the Marquee.

1. Raf Simons Navy Blue Two-Button Blazer 2. Alexander Wang White Button Up Shirt 3. Topman Tailored Navy Trousers 4. Tom Ford Secret Blend Oud Wood 5. Dolce & Gabbana Black Leather Belt 6. Raf Simons Black Desert Boots 7. Acne Adrian White Leather Sneakers 8. Lanvin Plaid Navy Bow Tie 9. Saint Laurent Black Leather Bow Tie

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