Friday, 3 July 2015

Introducing Mod Noir by Marc Jacobs

Mod Noir is the perfect name for this fragrance. The bottle design is intimately Marc Jacobs with eccentric stripes and black and white elegance. The frosted glass finish juxtaposed to the shiny lacquer is feminine and classic yet still modern and chic. This dichotomy of old and new is perfect for a new release at a major fashion house like Marc Jacobs.

Marc Jacobs Mod Noir

TOP: Greens
MID: Gardenia
BASE: Creamy Musks

This new fragrance is available only at Marc Jacobs stores and Sephora.
Mod Noir and its concept fit into the Sephora store perfectly, it was meant to be.

Given the less-than-perfect start of of Sephora in Australia, the store is showing off the Mod Noir trophy. Sephora was thought to be the sole distributor of the Urban Decay in Australia, a much sought-after product for Australians who envied America's access to it. However, upon Sephora's entry, the long-standing MECCA became the Australian distributor of Urban Decay. Also, Sephora was hyped to give Australians US prices, which could not happen.

But what Sephora has is a transnational access to resources, brands and unrivalled rapport in international beauty. In this latest move, the coveted Marc Jacobs fragrance is where it will hit other retailers hard. Add this to its dynamic and modern store concept and design, it is a Sephora that has upped the ante.

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