Sunday, 7 August 2016

New In | July 2016 (Burberry Brit, Church's, Vivienne Westwood & Saint Laurent)

Every year around this time I go crazy with my buying and I often justify it because it's sale time but I still spend way too much :( Haha but it's cool I've become much wiser with my spending in that I'm buying things that I can see myself loving years to come - or so I tell myself. However, sometimes I am very tempted by very seasonal pieces - by their innovative flavour and how they captivate my imagination.

Anyway, here are just some the the things that I got in the June/July hump-month shopping.

Burberry Brit
Delsworth Cotton Trench Coat (Taupe)
So it isn't the heritage trench but I still love this so much and it was an excellent buy. I had the option of ink or taupe colours and I know I picked the right one. This colour is distinct enough without overdoing the 'Burberryness'. It is showerproof but it isn't the gabardine fabric. I guess that means I still have a short term goal to work towards ;) 
What I love about this coat is its versatility. It looks sensible enough to be a trench I wear to work during these months but also casual enough to slap on over the weekend (especially with the detachable hood on). The fabric is softer compared to the heritage trench so it is ideal for an off-duty look. I just love the colour (although the Burberry website photos are quite deceptive, they come off warmer than they are). It's an amazing coat and surprisingly warm with its lining.
The beauty of a trench coat is in its innumerate details - you can customise and play with it in so many ways - you can strap on the cuffs, the belt, the hood, the buttons, the lapel. I also adore trenches with a belt because it gives you more versatility with shape and silhouette. Overall it was a really good buy as a first trench and I look forward to the Honey one soon :P I just haven't figured out which fit I really want so I guess I better hop in store.

Mirfield Low Sneakers (White)
I've been wanting low white sneakers now for a while and I thought I'd give Church's a go since they're quite popular recently and it's different to the labels I usually get. I guess I am someone who doesn't heed the warning of 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' because these shoes were horrendous (at least for me). I was going to go with Saint Laurent white sneakers (I have the black ones and I love them to death) but I also considered Acne Adrians and white sneakers from Common Projects. I guess after this experiment I'll just be good and stick to SLP.
These just don't suit me because they look so stumpy and cumbersome. I like sneakers that are minimalist with a luxe appeal. I feel like I have robot feet when I have them on, and they remind me of those Prada Runway Spazzolato Sneakers which looked cool in photos but stupid when they're on. Anyway, I'll have to stick to SLP for life now thanks.

Vivienne Westwood
Round Orb Key Ring (Gold)
I said I wouldn't spend my money on 'useless' stuff but this. THIS was the best thing I bought. I have a Globe Key Ring from Marc Jacobs which was a special item only available at the flagship store at the time and this complements that perfectly (am I going to start collecting 3D key rings?). I don't really need to explain how cool this is and it also comes in gunmetal (yes please), rose gold, silver and chrome/multicolour. I always loved the Vivienne Westwood logo and I'm very happy with this one!

Saint Laurent
Monogram Bi-fold Wallet
I don't know why I bought this along with a pair of Paul Smith boots because I did not need them. I don't really regret getting this I guess but it hasn't grown on me as quickly as I want it to yet. I got a black canvas bag with the monogram earlier this year and it grew on me really quickly. I also didn't need a new wallet at all. But yeah I do like this, just not as much as all my other SLP purchases to date.


Ok I just have a few more things coming in but I hope I can start saving soon :) I will do my best (I really will this time) and maybe save for another holiday (after I get new shoes for work - current ones are dying, and my white sneakers).

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