Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The Cologne Diaries - DARK OBSESSION (Calvin Klein) Review

22 October 2013

Super late entry because uni just got really hectic suddenly (I don't know why, there aren't many assignments due, maybe just the stress of exams). Also, work is quite demanding, I have to go in 4 days a week and the other 3 are at uni. Anyway, I wanted to post this review a while ago.

I really wanted Calvin Klein's DARK OBSESSION when it was released earlier this year because it came with a bag. I think the bag really sold it to me at the time because I needed a holdall and I collect fragrances anyway - but then I missed out. This is my second Calvin Klein fragrance after IN2U for him which was very summery and young. I was interested in SHOCK and I loved the ad for it but I never got it.

For this one, the top note of the scent is quite recognisable and strong. The scent is very masculine. I do enjoy this one but my favourite is probably the mid note. The scent is a bit clearer.

I would have to say that the down side of the fragrance is that the top note is much stronger than the mid. This makes the fragrance feel that it's too strong when you first spray it on but it doesn't last long enough because once the top note is vaporised, the rest is hardly noticeable. To me, it's important for a fragrance to remind me that I'm wearing it. Like having subtle waffles of it throughout the day or at least an hour or two. The lack of longevity of it made it hard for me to write this actually. I wanted to write about it on the days I wear it but I often forget that I wore it or that I couldn't find anything too noticeable about it except its top note. Overall though, it scent is nice - quite fresh and it becomes woody dry.

The packaging is really nice because I love the feel of the matte finish. But DO TAKE CARE OF IT. The bottle got really scratched up by the stuff in my bag (keys and coins etc.) and now I've ruined it :(
It looked really nice with the matte finish before it got scratches all over it. I also like that it's quite flat, so it fits well in my iPad case (yes I often carry fragrances out).

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