Monday, 2 December 2013

Instadigest | 2013 Spring

Well that was fast. A huge chunk of it was just uni. I wonder how Summer will go since it's ALL holidays. The last weeks of November were terrible. I'm still quite sick. Fix me pls. And work, well work is just work.

The good thing about Spring is that I spent a lot of time blogging about NYFW, LFW and MFW (I loved New York's the best). I should do PFW too but it's been too long and I'm still sick. Yes that will be my excuse. There were a few things going on in the last week of November too in the Sydney fashion world but I was too drained and tired to go. Nonetheless, I had a good time at the End Of Year Parade of Sydney's Fashion Design Studio and meeting the founder of Bailey Nelson Eyewear.

I've been watching a lot of Mad Men. It's such a great drama. Every episode leaves me very content even though sometimes not much really happens. The show is very surprising actually. I thought it would be much more sinister (like full of schemes) and once in a while, something very light hearted happens. Like the foot thing. Thanks Bambino for lending me the DVDs. I really liked the more sophisticated style of the earlier seasons.

Also, Spring in the gaming department meant the release of Pokemon. Which I spent a LOT of time on during the course of Uni. I play before class, in class, after class, whatever time I had. Also spent about the same amount of time for Animal Crossing... Then it got a bit boring so I studied a bit more (not really, it only got boring AFTER my exams.. yay.) But I've bought a lot of other games too. I hate PS3, such a terrible system with no good games except Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3. The only reason why I even bought a PS3 in the first place.

I finally got my PONY shoes. Although the sizing was annoying, so I basically bought two pairs of the black suede and I'll give the smaller pair to Arch and the white ones don't fit me that well. Oh well, I quite willingly suffer for fashion. Speaking of purchases I've basically got most of everything I wanted so I'm good with no shopping for a while, maybe just 1 watch left. But yeah, I NEED to save now :)

Also, had a great time at the birthday parties of my friends in Spring. They were probably New Years celebration and Valentine's Day babies.

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