Tuesday, 22 April 2014

MBFWA14 | Weekend Edition Wrap-Up (Sunday 5pm Show)

Why did I disappear for two weeks? Well the first week I was swamped with 3 assessments (on top of that, April means that it was time for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia 2014) and then I got a week of break I decided to take a sabbatical. Dramatic. I know. Anyway I was super excited for this (of course I was, it was a peep-hole to Australia's fashion industry). But because I knew I was going to be so busy during this week, I decided to give this year a pass.

Then on Sunday morning I got a text and was invited to the Weekend Edition Shows. I was really grateful for my friends who could join me on a whim AND I feel in love with the Weekend Edition. You gotta love the location as well. Carriageworks just gets better and better - with a huge area to play with, beautiful stalls of Maybelline New York (giving away their latest lipstick), Swarovski (photobooth to be abused) and Mercedes-Benz went all out to give attendees the best fashion treatment in the country. And yeah, we could relax at the Mercedes-Benz Star Lounge too :D

The beautiful thing about the Weekend Edition is that it is the composite show of the best garments from the most influential designers of the week like Alex Perry and Alice McCall. Although the show does lack some wholesomeness than watching individual shows (with the set and everything), it was still such a heavy and perfect binge of fashion. Other favourites include Cameo and Jayson Brunsdon.

The Weekend Edition showcased Phoenix Keating, MacGraw, Leroy Nguyen, Hayley Saesser, DUVENAGE, ZHIVAGO, We Are Handsome, Talulah, Emma Mulholland, Desert Designs, SUBOO, Alice McCall, Gail Sorronda, Cameo, Michael Lo Sordo, by johnny, Bec and Bridge, Aje, Serpent and the Swan, IXIAH, Ae'lkemi, Betty Tran, Aurelio Costarella, Jayson Brunsdon, Alex Perry, Carla Zampatti, Bianca Spender, Haryono Setiadi, Ginger and Smart, Dion Lee, Romance Was Born and Ellery. Check out more photos at the event after the jump.
What's hot? Shift Dresses, Sexy and Metallic Boho, Stunning Swimwear, White, Bold Colours and All Things Sparkle.

It's always important to get beautiful seats at the fashion shows because you can see the garments much clearer, noticing details and materials even just 1 row behind can't. And if you're in the front you're sure to pick up a goodie bag. This year, it was PACKED with great things with a Mercedes-Benz car key shaped USB. I feel so sorry for anyone who missed out. Of course though, the shows are more oriented for the ladies so there's lots of cool hair products from Redken (as a loyal sponsor at MBFWA).

Had such an amazing time and I can't wait to return next year. HOPEFULLY my crazy Uni will let me have some time off.

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