Thursday, 24 April 2014

The Cologne Diaries - Davidoff The Game Intense Review

29 March 2014

Winner Takes All. Get Intense.

Extending and building on the foundations of its predecessor, The Game Intense rubs off with a more distinctive touch of luxe and game. For lovers of GQ style, this one is a definite hit. Coty Prestige, with the release of The Game Intense builds on an echo of the classic styles and feel of Davidoff to bring men a longer lasting and sophisticated scent for evening wear.

The fragrance has a medium sillage which is great because it is quite intense and strong. It's something more understated than the overreaching 1 Million by Paco Robanne.

A composition of Gin Fizz, orris, and the most distinctive and important blackwood as base, the scent is one of the most interesting fragrances for men I have come across. The intense part however, is in the black patchouli essence and labdanum absolute to create leathery and luxe triggers. The Game Intense is the spirit of a determined man.

An eyecatching bottle design with its poker chips, but at the same time, toned down with just black creates its billionaire image. Class really is about luxe, game and modesty. I was so happy to get my hands on this because I was at a Casino Royale themed party. I really love this one.

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