Saturday, 7 June 2014

MFW | Detention in Fashion - DSquared FW14 Photos and Review

I love the efforts put into DSquared looks and garments every season because each piece is so distinct yet holds together well as a show. I love the ladies DSquared shows too. In menswear I go for their accessories and shoes which are much easier in making the transition between runway to your local street because everything is quite loud. Yet at the same time, the power, confidence and over the top-ness is what I adore from DSquare collections. The theatrical show of FW14, Milan Fashion Week - prison cells and mental asylums is a daring take on fashion.

DSquared is all about sex appeal in all their shows. And the sexiest thing to sell is confidence and glamourous clothes. I feel that DSquared is really focused on gender roles too - the menswear has extremely masculine pieces whereas the ladies are all about North American (the continent) luxe.

The colours here and there are bold as usual but I do love their SS collections a bit more. The theme is great at allowing the use of bright orange to be somewhat meaningful. Was the show hinting that double denim (at times triple) is not a crime against fashion anymore? In any event, fresh, bold and powerful duffle bags rule the runway (especially in FW in very classic shapes and materials) with fresh twists on a stamped white button up shirt.













And more on real life... Slowly dying because of exam but that's ok. I'm blogging now - I know I'm slow, I'm just not as youthful as I used to be pushing out like 3 posts a day during NYFW SS 14.

Went shooting with ASOS and for the student fashion magazine today. It was an amazing experience to work behind the camera. I love having control over styling and creative directions. Maybe I just like to act boss but I'm sure the photos turned out pretty well. I will post some up soon. It's very exciting to just give things a go (including waking up early before the sun) - it's surprising how determined you can be when you really want to be. Circles please.

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