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PFW | Trends and Highlights (Part 2) - SS15 Menswear Review (Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Lanvin, Valentino and Saint Laurent)

Been so lazy and procrastinating on everything these days, including the blog. Started to play my 3DS a lot lately, somehow got back into Pokemon after months of inactivity and watching SMC too. Now, as a final moment for procrastination of my assignment due on Monday, here is Part 2 of Paris Fashion Week Menswear SS15. Then I promise I will continue on with my assignment. Sigh, court process, why must you be so tormenting?

In this post: Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Lanvin, Valentino and Saint Laurent.
In Part 1: Dior Homme, Carven, Hermes, Kenzo, Raf Simons and Dries Van Noten.

I've held back on my thoughts on Givenchy for a few seasons now because the label was resting on what was so strikingly fresh and exciting back in SS 2011. The seasons which followed that had the same deal with graphics. Also, there's just something about their shows which do not translate on photo because when I come across them shopping, they look much better in person. This season had great textures and details with the air of bold elegance iconic to the brand. Not washer and dryer friendly however.
Givenchy Menswear Spring 2015

Louis Vuitton
Retro. The colour palette was A+ at LV menswear. The sulfury-tan colour worked amazingly with whites and navy. The zigzag pocket squares are must-haves in this collection and are perfect gifts. These prints in SS15 will be so iconic for the label, highlighted also by the beautiful accessories in trunk-cases, bags, belts, sunglasses and watches.
Louis Vuitton Menswear Spring 2015

3.1 Phillip Lim
Love this young label's approach to menswear with lots of experimental styles and cuts. The charm in this season's collection is the effortless and cool breeze. Unstructured and oversized pieces with different textures and patterns outline just some of the creativity behind each piece. The baby pinks and blues in the collection work very well with the lighter cream tones. It's a little mix-and-match but the looks are still very well put together.
3.1 Phillip Lim Menswear Spring 2015

The aristocratic blend into modern fashion is a welcoming contribution from the house at Lanvin. The label took powerful rich colours to form an updated take on punk and classic garments. Every piece is full of character and je ne sais quoi, hallmark to Lanvin. For this label, I always keep an eye out for the accessories and hues which the pieces use because they're mostly very unique and interesting, including sneakers which they are putting a lot of effort into.
Lanvin Menswear Spring 2015

Not long ago, my mother purchased the Valentino butterfly dress and it was gorgeous with perfect cutting. That's why this season, I was so excited to see that it has been transposed onto their menswear scene. Now, unlike the outrageous (but very cool) butterflies by Thom Browne, Valentino's take with darker tones updates the floral trend that has been overused for some time. I WANT THE BUTTERFLY BACKPACK In another aspect, Valentino is still not letting go of the camouflage which was made iconic in their previous collections. Valentino's colour choice this season: Burgundy. And oh, look at those pins.
Valentino Menswear Spring 2015

Saint Laurent
Yes, my favourite show - lights, rock star energy and fashion. Ponchos, embellishments and sewn on details of the wild west made the daring and powerful collection. There were great pieces using a variety of materials and colours like from suede, python to metallics. While the label pushed out fewer classic pieces than in previous collections, the staple garments that were in this collection were essentially Saint Laurent. A little rebellious but always smooth and smoking. There is always youthful energy and emphasis on silhouette at Saint Laurent which are so important in the key fashion pieces of any season.
Saint Laurent Menswear Spring 2015
Ok there's a girl in that pic but she looks fitting there.

Anyway, have you checked out Part 1?

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