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PFW | Trends and Highlights (Part 1) - SS15 Menswear Review (Dior Homme, Carven, Hermes, Kenzo, Raf Simons and Dries Van Noten)

We come to the most famous of all Fashion Weeks. Paris Fashion Week is the home of the most creative and sometimes lucrative of all - with a special Haute Couture season. For Spring/Summer 2015 in menswear however, the best shows this time around incorporated the minimalist Parisian. This season's trendiest pieces were all extremely toned down with light but strong emphasis on everyday sophistication. The classic prints and pieces reflect the wardrobe staples of the stylish man.

In this post: Dior Homme, Carven, Hermes, Kenzo, Raf Simons and Dries Van Noten.
In Part 2: Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Lanvin, Valentino and Saint Laurent.

Dior Homme
Continuing on with their FW14 collection, the blue suits make another appearance in summer. This time updated with artistic and childish flavours. The collection is so true what Paris is - full of flavour and charm. The trophy for this season's iconic sneakers belongs to Dior Homme.
Dior Homme SS15

The minimalist trend carried by Carven is unmistakable timeless. Crisp and clean lines, monochrome, and statement pieces like the colour-block sweater bring Carven the home-run. There were also a few other eye catching short sleeve shirts.  The cuffed pants are excellent for the sporty SS season and look comfortable too :D
Carven Menswear SS15

Summer is not a time for skinny fit. Loose and airy pieces were the stand-outs at the Hermes show. The leather hoodie was updated with croc scales and the sulfur pieces were the strongest colours. The best pieces were loose and carefree with white and variations of off white. Also, the brand brought out some faded floral prints which extend the motif into the new season.
Hermes Menswear SS15

The pastel season at Kenzo. Always producing super iconic pieces, the Kenzo show had the most variety in terms of materials, colours and prints. Hmm, the mint green on sneakers was very refreshing. I wish there was more occurrence of the Statute of Liberty and Les Miserables motifs.
Kenzo Paris Menswear SS15

Raf Simons
A personal collection to Raf Simons, the images used were significant to him. Although it was also interesting that there was a more Japanese inspired play with graphic prints,  I found that the best pieces were variations of the same thing in different colours. Some of the outerwear had great silhouettes and button accents.
There was a lot (a lot, a lot) of focus on sneakers in his current and more recent collections though - Raf Simons is a top player in that game - with his collaborations with Adidas and more recently, Sterling Ruby.
Raf Simons Menswear SS15

Dries Van Noten
The most eyecatching show belonged to Dries Van Noten. Exquisite designs and embroideries were used to accessorise the rustic and aged palette of the garments. The draped over pieces were styled amazingly (difficulty: 8) and a new application of the houndstooth was welcoming and modest. The artistic and sensual elements of the inspired show was different to what we'd usually expect yet, nonetheless quintessentially Van Noten.
Dries Van Noten Menswear SS15

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