Monday, 18 August 2014

The SS15 Season in Menswear

Enough of being lazy - been back from Hong Kong, Beijing and Shenzhen for so long now. Uni has started and everything is busy again but that's exactly when I somehow have time to blog (via procrastination) - as always, the new semester is more demanding than the last, or so it seems. Anyone else hate grad applications? They take years and they're just so daunting to even think about. It's also really cold and rainy these days, thought I'd put that in there because it really is. It's annoying when you have to adjust what you want to wear according to the weather. Everyday should be runway room temperature haha.

Birthday was last week and it's such a good reason for force people (especially those who are working full time) to come out and see you - yay. Wait that sounded bad, but it really isn't. I do enjoy the company of friends much more than the computer/ iPad where my readings and assignments and I rendezvous (I recall a special week where the reading for the one class was 2 articles and the whole of Das Kapital).

Check them out:

Anyway, had a look at some of the SS 2015 stuff and they're good - as always because it's SS. SS is the season for fresh and inspiring casual looks - also with the continuing trend of luxe sneakers, designers are able to up the game of a casual look. Surprising to see some labels showcase at different venues than they previously did like Moschino and DKNY at London. And now I will leave you with this collage. Enjoy. *smoke bomb*

Menswear SS15

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