Sunday, 15 February 2015

Why I like shoeboxes

So I just got back from Hong Kong, New York and Boston last week and I have so much to put away. To do so, I had to find space for them in my wardrobe and room. After folding all the pants, sweaters, sweatshirts and tshirts, and hanging up my button shirts and jackets, there wasn't much room left for stuff like socks, ties, scarves and fragrances. It's really tough work making space from no space. Especially when I'm such a hoarder - keeping everything I get overseas as memorabilia like subway passes and sometimes even flyers.

Acne Adrian Sneaker in Black

But the thing I hoard the most would have to be boxes. Especially shoe boxes. I just can't throw them away! Especially with the big sneaker trend in recent years, we're buying more and more stylish footwear season after season. And the packaging? Oh they look great too.

Sometimes I'm also a little environmentally conscious so I don't like to waste things which I can reuse (that makes me more of a hoarder) so I always reuse my shoe boxes. I keep my ties rolled up and stuffed in shoe boxes and my socks too in shoe bags. I also keep all my other things which I'll probably never touch again in shoe boxes, like in Franny's Feet.

Boxes are great for organisation, I also keep my fragrances, sunglasses and watch boxes (yes I keep them and keep my watches separately in a multi watch thingo) and it helps when you've got nicely designed and usually pretty good quality cardboard boxes to keep them in. They also add a lot to your room because there is some sentimental value for each of the boxes.

Because well, who needs drawers when you've got a lots of beautiful shoeboxes? Oh and please recycle them if you do decide to throw them away. This message was brought to you by Planet Ark (no it wasn't).

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