Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Ben Sherman Suiting Event

29 April 2015

On a rainy Wednesday, Ben Sherman held their suiting event at their Galeries Store Sydney just before their Winter release. (free Ben Sherman umbrellas for the rain woohoo)

If you haven't had experience buying a suit online your safest bet is to buy one in store. Fitting is so important in suiting and this is what the event was about, trying on their new suits and seeing what Ben Sherman had to offer this season.

The store looked perfect with neatly folded shirts (Ben Sherman button ups are so good) and jackets and trenches resting on hangers. 

Beyond the collections of accessories which all had great flavour when matched with their sleek cut suits, the label also showed their best in contemporary apparel of casual shirts and tees, and paisley is in. It's not easy to pull off paisley, that's why it was great for the brand to do this in a muted and dusty tone so that it's not too busy. In any event, the busy paisley prints make great accessories as accents in a tailored suit or in a suitable dosage.

Thanks to Miss Sennnaa for the photos :)

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