Saturday, 6 February 2016

On Structure and Vegetables

I haven't blogged for a while, hmm since summer school in New York last July. I guess I haven't because I felt too busy or just didn't feel for it. Irresponsible I guess. I do want though, and need structure in my life so I know that blogging is good for me if not anyone/thing else. I also felt a little disillusioned after travelling on exchange in Europe from August to January this year and seeing how fashion is treated over there. I don't want to go into it too much but would say I was disappointed - although I do still like it, maybe less so now, I just feel like I may have other priorities now. Anyway that has caused me to prolong my absence from here. But I want to come back. I want to because I want to be able to choose, despite demerits or merits. I still enjoy and like fashion, but more than ever I'm having more doubts on what is presented to us, and I think that's ok, I think I can reconciling this love-hate within myself. And I will be posting those things again soon.

Like I said, I really value blogging because it gives me a structure even though there are always busier periods and more peaceful times. Winging it has its benefits but I like to plan, I like to have a general idea, and then being spontaneous and flexible on top of that. I think that's what blogging for myself gives me, and that's what a hobby is. It is almost ritualistic like a job but there is still so much necessary freedom.

And on vegetables? I'm making more vegetarian choices, a day I never thought I'd see coming, well maybe I did but something that would happen much later. But I thought to myself, why later when you can now? I've had enough hamburgers to not need to have another one when I'm out, I can pick a vegetarian one. If I feel like I'm missing out, I might pick a meat option, but that hasn't really happened yet except from the really bad vegetarian toastie I got on the plane over a slider and mini hot dog, I really hate beans and lentils I think.

So what is 'making more vegetarian choices'? Maybe it's a cop out for a commitmentphobe or maybe I just want to emphasise discretion. I don't want to be too strict because I still wanna try interesting foods, meat or not. Anyway, I'm doing this because I want to, I want to choose. In a world of options, if we don't exercise choice, what are we but machines? I don't know if I will change the world, but I want to make a choice that I want to make.

Some of my friends confuse this as a trendy thing with 'clean eating', but no, I don't think vegetarianism is that healthy either because many dishes outside use so much more oil to make them taste better and fuller. Another conceptual difference is (and I'm not saying this is everyone), but someone who is eating clean can order a beef salad and not eat the beef, but I wouldn't order that in the first place because the meat is still consumed. That brings me to another point, that my recently vegan friend brought up. Just because you turn vegan doesn't mean you throw out all your leather goods, it just means that you'll choose not to buy more. Throwing them out does little good since they have already been consumed anyway.

And with that I have consumed a considerable amount of your time. But it's always good to think about things to think about when you're thinking about things, right? At least it usually is.

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