Friday, 1 April 2016

The Tie Dimple

Ever since watching Mad Men, I can't help but notice Don Draper's tie dimple (he usually has one). And now, I can't stop noticing it anywhere else and if I see a tie without a tie dimple I feel like something is wrong.

Tie dimple?

The tie dimple adds some flavour to your ties, whether it is a block colour or patterned. It enhances boring ties and makes busy ties modest. It really gives the tie more depth and interest. I mean, you wouldn't really want a pancake-ass pocket square..

If you dont want to look boring and inexperienced, go with the tie dimple. The tie dimple can be on the left, right, centered, however you like. It's there to give your look more variation.

Skill or accident?

Sometimes the dimple happens for you, but here's the trick. After you tie your usual knot (I almost always go with the windsor), pinch the tie from the top before you feed the last part through. Then, once you've pulled it through, the crease will be pulled through with it. Some people make the mistake of forcing a crease after feeding the tie through, which might look ok for 3 minutes until it goes away..

Simple right? It's kinda like an insider tip for something that will change the look. Really.

Not Boring

Not Boring

 Don't be boring.

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