Thursday, 15 September 2016

New In | August 2016 (Burberry Shoes & Accessories, Versace × Rosenthal, Saint Laurent, Versace Collection, Burberry London, Vivienne Westwood)

I feel like I really toned it down this month in my shopping but clearly not enough. It's a little outrageous when I bought so many pairs of shoes.. but I'm pretty content with them. Anyway, this month I've also started trying to save aggressively. For what? I don't know, but at least I will be spending less. I've been doing ok so far but so tempted to shop :(

Burberry Shoes and Accessories

Walbrook High Top Sneakers (Black)
I've got a pair of full black high tops from Burberry and I've been using my PONY Suede sneakers when I want that sportier black sneaker white sole look. But I wanted to update. I wanted a pair that's more luxe. It may seem like I am obsessed with Burberry lately but their things are really good design and quality wise. It was a toss up between this and the Reynold sneakers. I love those ones for their embossed Burberry check on the sides of the shoes but I ended up going with these ones since I like the little metal bar up the front in this pair that the Reynolds don't have. I actually haven't even had a chance to wear them yet because I've been busy working on weekends too these few weeks but the sole is pretty thick.

Versace × Rosenthal

Medusa Gala Square Plate 12cm
Man this plate was pretty expensive and much smaller than I expected. I wanted to put my keys in it. They fit but I wish the plate was bigger. The larger 33cm plates cost about $500 so really that's not happening. Not for a while anyway. I find that they are generally cheaper at Peter's of Kensington so I will probably have a look there first next time. However it is an absolutely gorgeous (tiny) plate and I am so glad to have it. I'm saving up for a winged cup or mug next.

Saint Laurent

SL/01 Classic Court Sneakers (White)
Following up from the last post, I said I would get these because the white Church's were disappointing. For my birthday, my friends got me these and I although like them, just think that Saint Laurent ain't what it used to be a few years back. Comparing these to the Black pair I got myself a few years back, they are of lower quality. Everything, from the leather, to the laces and to the box packaging, everything has become cheaper and lower quality. Even the resulting style is slightly different because of the hardness of the leather used. I will definitely steer away from Saint Laurent for a little while, and it is part of the reason why I have been leaning towards Burberry stuff lately.

Versace Collection

Hi-Shine Elasticised Dress Shoes (Black)
I wanted a new pair of derbies for work since my Calvin Klein ones are almost dead. I wear them almost everyday to work in the rain and everything! This pair is a little bit too luxe for the office I guess, even though it's elasticised. But I guess that's the thing with Versace Collection, you still get the Versace appeal in such an everyday item and I am growing to love them more and more. They are a bit touch to break into compared to most other Versace Collection shoes I have had and less comfortable overall, but I love the look, I love how they stand out without being too much like patent leather. One thing though, I find their shoes to have very inconsistent sizing. I have always taken 41 for this brand but 42 for others like SLP but these 41s feel a bit chunky. They're also not elasticised at all since it's just normal leather under that patch of fabric (I don't know why). Anyway they are nice for the office and I have been keeping them in the office only rather than travel between in them. They are so great for nights out and I wore them to an opening last month.

Burberry London

Roeford Virgin Wool and Cashmere Coat (Navy)
I really am not obsessed with Burberry but even if I am it's because I have not been 120% happy with my purchases from other brands and I haven't had a miss with Burberry yet (touch wood). This coat is absolutely amazing with its texture and quality. It is and feels extremely lustrous and it is definitely a great investment piece. I am so happy with this one, almost too happy that I haven't been wearing it much since I don't want to get it dirty! The only issue I have is that there are no Burberry checks for under the collar :P Overall I adore this coat and I have been hunting for a Navy wool coat for a little while so I am happy. Grey next.

Vivienne Westwood

Relief Lapel Pin
It seems like VW and Burberry have been dominating my spending, but it's actually Versace (I just didn't post about my watches and plates that's all). I love Vivienne Westwood accessories. Initially when I bought this I regretted it immediately because I thought to myself, when am I ever going to wear this? What a waste of $$. Then I got invited to an opening this month and I was like this is the best time to wear it and it really was. Little details and accessories like this one truly elevates a look. Check out that post here! Although I didn't take enough photos of what I wore that night.. too busy stuffing my face with delicious food.

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