Thursday, 15 December 2016

Christmas - Work, Pokemon and all that

Christmas is coming up so I've been quite busy at work wrapping up the year. It's had it's moments but I think it couldn't have worked out any better without me losing something I learnt this time around. As always I am reminded of small things that make life interesting if you choose to pay attention to them, as well as the fact that too many things are disappointing.

Onto Pokemon Sun, which is taking far less of my time than I anticipated. I am enjoying it (I think), but it is feeling very tedious. Also, I'm getting to about three-quarters through the game so I am feeling quite anxious about playing the reset game when Solgaleo comes along. This game is like what I think Christmas is about. It is usually about finding joy in miserable things - whether it be the winter of the Northern hemisphere, or the disgustingly humid heat waves of Sydney the past few days, I have had a bitter sweet year that I love very much.

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