Monday, 2 January 2017

2017 New Year's Post

Happy New Year 2017! So many memes lately of how bad 2016 was but was it really? I think it was ok. It felt kind of short though. Maybe that's because I was lucky enough to be travelling so much. Not this year though I think :( It's really in the new year that you realise how many online stores you have signed up to that send you a Happy New Year card. I also noticed the iMessage fireworks when you get a Happy New Year text. I think that was a nice touch :)

Anyway I hurt my leg in the last few days of 2016 and now I'm recovering and hopefully I will be good to go back to work tomorrow. 2016 really had a lot going on. For me one of the biggest changes in fashion was the shift to see now buy now. This sense of urgency in retail and spending definitely became far more prominent.

Labels like Burberry are offering products almost as soon as they debut on the runway (re the September 2016 runway releases) and this hype and excitement is probably much needed in the industry now.

Taken from Burberry

Consumers have changed how they spend money. People these days rather spend it on experiences and pay astronomical prices for food rather than something they can keep. Fashion therefore, has to remain fresh and interesting and fashion retail had to become an experience - that feeling of from runway to everyday. I think this continuing trend away from material spending is both good and bad. Yes we should value experiences that enrich us, but fashion is also an expression of art as well as a business. Designers like Raf Simons and Miuccia Prada have expressed more recently about their desire in creating art rather than revenue and I think that's highly commendable too. However, for art to be viable, it must also sell.

At the same time, I think spending so much money on food is really unnecessary. You're hungry tomorrow again! And what for? Just the small dose of dopamine you get when your food picture gets a like? Still I think as with everything, there is a need for balance. I don't mean you should not eat or buy what you enjoy, but I guess I just don't value extravagant food as much as I do clothes and design.

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