Monday, 16 January 2017

Cravings of a minimalist

I wouldn't necessarily call myself a minimalist per se but I do gravitate towards that aesthetic. My wardrobe mainly consists of black white and navy blue pieces. Any pops of colour are probably things I've bought but hardly (and perhaps never) worn. Indeed, some of my favourite pieces are extremely minimal (like the classic Saint Laurent low cut court sneakers, skinny black jeans from Zara and my Saint Laurent black duffle bag) and just a white t-shirt.

Minimalism is really cool and. Minimalism can be edgy yet timeless. It's a modern classic for sure. But recently I have been having cravings. I crave fashion forward pieces. I crave seasonal pieces. I don't know why, I always told myself that I would not really buy seasonal styles because they always go out so quickly. Yet I crave it as an update to my wardrobe. Statement pieces and louder, more eccentric styles. I also want more colour in what I wear. Perhaps it is because of what the ad campaigns are telling me, that I want that look, but also when looking for style inspo, many of the images are anything but minimal.
Lately I've been adding more statement pieces which are not particularly minimal. I'm even going for seasonal pieces with more vibrant colours and patterns. Still I think I am definitely still holding back. I just don't want to be extra. I like that modest aesthetic.
Is minimalism not fashionable, not stylish? I don't think so, but you don't see it in the media. It hardly ever appears in street-style photos. It's all about statement looks and pieces which accentuate their personal style. But what if my personal style is this very modern, classic and minimal look?

Maybe it's because it doesn't make money. The skinny jeans have been criticised for killing fashion because consumers refuse to shift away from it. And on this note, I think I only have 2 pairs of bottoms, and they're both slim and black.

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