Sunday, 16 September 2012

Style | Mustard Blazer and Accessories

I've always liked blazers, it's sophisticated and can also be quite casual. Throughout the past few months I've been looking for a mustard blazer, or any good looking one I guess. I finally got one from ASOS (on sale :D) when Spring came, so I guess I won't have much chance of wearing it =/

Anyway, I like it a lot but it's much better to buy blazers in a physical store because the fitting is really important. I have to fix mine up a bit. Hope you like the photos. I pegged the back a bit so it fits me better haha, I'll fix it soon.

The accessories are from Sophisticated Ignorance, an online retailer in the US  (if you're visiting the site, reload the page when you're on it ;D). They have pretty good stuff. I'm wearing Caesar (bracelet), Keystone (necklace), Slayer (collar chain) and Megabyte (sunglasses). I really like the names of the pieces.

I gotta say, Slayer is my favourite item here!
On another note.. the to-do list tonight: FINS homework, Torts readings and Contracts 2 readings.


  1. :OOOOOOOO I LOVE THAT MUSTARD BLAZER. We should be blazer twinz. I agree, it's hard to judge online whether a blazer is a good fit ;_; And your accessories compliment well, especially the collar chain! Have fun with your homework tonight o/