Friday, 7 September 2012

Life | Part of the break (adventures of this week)

My mid-semester break actually began before the end of August but it technically started on the 3rd of September. Plus, since I haven't blogged at all since the end of August, I'll continue off where I left off. This break has been quite fulfilling really. The good thing is that I have no more assignments or any forms of assessments coming up (except homework and quizzes) until the finals. It's great except I have to push myself to do some reading (which I have not done). On another note, these holidays made me realise how poor I am and how expensive everything is. This will be the longest post in the world, just like Commonwealth v Amann Aviation, the LONGEST CASE IN THE WORLD (in my syllabus anyway).

I really don't remember which day was which as I scroll through the photos on my camera roll to remind me what to blog about so yeah... Holy crap, this is like a food blog now although I should have blogged about the outfits I wore everyday OH WELL next time, since I didn't narcissistically take pictures of myself non stop.

Went to city to have food adventures with JLau, except I was already aware that I was REALLY poor due to ASOS shopping and reserving some money for going out for the rest of the break. A good thing was that the accessories from my sponsors came! I've been wearing them everyday since. The pieces are really cool. First hit up the usual sushi bar at Takumi. We wanted to also get custard puffs but they weren't fresh so we went to Meet Fresh for canned food (basically - LOL), then Crazy Wings and lastly Happy Lemon where we tried their Sea Salt Green Tea - it was really good!
Gear on Monday + SUSHI (grilled scallop, inari, beek tataki, hamburg and some green tea thing)
Ehh.. met up with JLau again along with Amis, Deenis and Jackson. We went to K-Mart at Bondi and I have got to say, I loved the place, EVERYTHING IS DAMN CHEAP and bought 2 pairs of shoes. I dont know WHY I bought the white ones, I didn't like them that much. Went to Spotlight to search for DIY materials, only to be disappointed that they have nothing cool and it was full of old ladies (my true love). Had lunch at The Coffee Club where things were pricey. Bleh - models don't really make much money. We were heading to Bondi Beach but along the way, change of plans and went to Watsons Bay and we invited Jeff to come along and it took him 2 hours from La Perouse where he had been scuba diving (damn cool stuff). Bought a coneful of fat and sugar at Gelatissimo and sat on the pier enjoying the sun and talking about random shit. Oh and singing retarded songs - even though we weren't drunk. It was a good catch-up day.
On the way back home we stopped at The Gap for some sightseeing and it was beautiful. We didn't head to Diamond Bay (sounds so awesome) like we wanted to because.. because of what? I don't even know. Anyway.. Pound the alarm. (LOL WUT?)
The view is of The Gap at Watsons Bay
Met up with Reba, Moimoinette, Chriseetine and Christines2 for a short time, just lunch. Typical for them to be half an hour late and we didn't have time to find Marco so we just ate at KuraKura which I think is a copy of Kura downstairs of it. The food was good. I ordered Teriyaki Tofu don (which had spinach in it - I heard that tofu + spinach = indigestion, but I didn't suffer from it) and 'Tuna salad' which turned out to be the Tuna Salad... SUSHI, so I got a lonely piece of sushi on a plate. HAHAHA so strange. I basically went home after that since my room was a mess and I needed to pack it. Did some of my readings that night - including Commonwealth v Amann Aviation, I know you love hearing about that case. They went to Moochi at the City Westfields. That night, Jeff and JLau asked me to go have dinner with them. Luckily I didn't go or I would have seen her for most of my break (get away from me woman) ha!
Japanese food everywhere
Had my first driving lesson. It went well. I know how to turn left and right now. And do a curbside parking. And yeah.. that's about it.
Then I hit up Parramatta Westfields with elly and JLau (-.-) haha no I'm kidding, I love her company. But yeah, had lunch.. Japanese food again.. So I've had that like 3 times already out of 4 days so far. I say that I can never get enough of sushi but I almost did. We went to Sushi Wow and the waitress forgot my order. I wasn't even angry or anything cos it wasn't a big deal but she panicked! She apologised 66 times and almost cried (it looked like she was about to). So strange... but polite. Got Teriyaki Tofu don again and various forms of other sushi.
Went to Yogolicious (it's also very ghetto) since the cups had stickers on them instead of them being printed on.. hmm. Then hit up K-Mart LOL since I was obsessed and bought 5 plain T-shirts! They FINALLY STOCKED MEDIUM ONES. I will put some designs on them when my Final exams come to destress.
Today was Vogue's Fashion Night Out - I was unaware that even Sydney (the slums of all things trendy) would have this as well so I missed out. Definitely next year. I doubt that my future employers (Etro and Ralph Lauren) came anyway. Ha! Sent pictures of me with the accessories to my sponsors, hopefully I'll be featured on their website soon :D
Grilled scallop at Sushi Wow was too damn saucy - can't taste anything.
Today I caught up with Senna and Suyin (who was quite late) at Robocog Cafe - it was really good, but took a long time to get to. The food was worth its price but the drinks were costy (always get water from now on). What did I order? I don't even remember, some Energiser (carrot+ginger+something+something sounds gross, tastes good) drink and Chicken Quesadilla (I think). Hit up Creations for some macarons which were good stuff. I'm hating on fruity macarons because they're too sweet and generic so we got tea, sesame and some other crap. They weren't too sweet :D and the colours looked good together (although I've been hating on food colouring since GS got me concerned about it when he looked at the macarons I ate last time).
Went to City Westfields for some window shopping cos we're too poor and saw an adidas shirt. It was super cool but expensive! Should have taken a picture and paint it on myself :P - The design was really awesome. Got Moochi - ok end of story I am so tired of recounting. If you have read up this far, you deserve a brownie, or a cookie, or both, or a bottle of poison, or all three in that order. Should I do some readings today? I think not.
Robocog wasn't at Batman L but that was really cool. Oh and the cafe had excellent decor.
Asians taking pictures of food
I foresee the future, I am going to work. Lewis that idiot, not coming in tomorrow, I have to take his class. Also, we cannot have our LeanCuisine party due to his absence - I will hate tomorrow. Instant microwavable lunches are what I look forward to on Saturdays.

Froyo date and study/pack room before uni starts again on Monday. (yes I pack my room almost daily, it gets too damn messy EVERY morning). Didn't really see A this break at all since she would remind me of someone I don't want to think about haha. Hmm Oktoberfest@UNSW tickets are sold on Monday. Can't wait.
Scrolling through my phone, I find a picture of Sammy :D

The beat cheers us up, my buddy - 川田まみ


  1. Oh you lucky duck, well, I say you are until finals hit. Don't let them conquer you! HAHA the world, unfortunately, revolves around money. It's a dog eat designer dog world. Honestly, I think Meet Fresh doesn't live up the hype as I expected it to, or maybe it's like a new fad like frozen yoghurt. Froyo all the way! I haven't had sushi in about a year or so, and I've heard good things about Tamuki! Have you been to Sushi Hotaru? They have yummy dishes c: Green tea.. pannacotta? By the looks of it! I need to go to K-mart for cheap cardigans huehue, they do have great shoes there! And also Big W! Watsons' Bay is my favourite beach/bay area. It's secluded and pretty swell. You sure have had the best Japanese lunches this week, I'm so envious. Anything regarding tuna and tofu, and I'm sold. I was gonna ask if you were gonna volunteer for Fashion Night Out! It'd be great for your modelling career, being caught up in the hype of it all haha. You seemed to have taken advantage of this break to enjoy yourself, that's realyl pleasing ^__^ I agree.. fruity macarons taste artifical. But I do like passionfruit ones! Work and LeanCuisines, can it get any better? You're living the office 9-5 life. Is Sammy your dog :O It's so fluffay!

    1. Holeh shet we can volunteer? I would be the toilet cleaner if needs be.
      So sick of chicken and the beef dishes aren't usualy doen nicely so I got tofu. But I love tofu anyway.
      I usually hate Meet Fresh, I really don't see whats good about it. Buy all their jellies and shit in cans! Haha, like the 6 choice drinks, although I'm a slave for those 6 choice drinks D: I love Takumi its my hizzity hang. $2.50 you can get nowhere else! Sushi Hotaru is expensivererer :( and no I havent been, usually if I look for sushi train restaurants in the city I always make my way to Takumi.
      K-Mart is the best place a fashionista can go! It's cheap and you can make it stylish.
      I WANTED MY MICROWAVABLE LUNCH PARTY TOMORROW T___T the only thing good about a Saturday D:
      Sammy is my dog.. in my mind. But no he's someone else's dog. But I want Sammy. He seems so obedient and yes the fluff!

  2. You have sponsors Tonz?! :O Tell me! I want to see photos of you hehe. And Robocog is in my cafe guide, I shall have to hit it up sometime now after your review!

    1. oh course i do, I'm a model ;)
      It is pretty nice! what cafe guide?
      I wanna see too lol