Friday, 31 August 2012

Photos | Do you want the SHOCK?

Notice anything different? Well, I changed it header (unless you saw this post like Speedy Gonzales, and I haven't changed it yet) :D Anyway, I was really excited to wear this shirt today that I put it on before it completely dried. You can't really see it in the pictures but there are lightning bolts on the sides too.

Here's the end result! Making T-Shirts is too fun (and sometimes time consuming) ha! I often make them when I have exams/when things are due. Ok, are you ready for the SHOCK?! Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Caught up a lot with GS today. Hmm it's also the last day of winter today (for Australia) and the last day of my favourite (not anymore since I am ageing) month. I can't wait for Spring and Summer because all my T-Shirts are short sleeved hahaha ;D

I really like these flat brow sunnies. I will blog about them another time.


  1. o0o0o another photoshoot! How the heckles did you get the paint so crisp and so matte on your designs, they're awesome! If I wore flatbrow sunnies, It'd probably just make it look like I was a pissed off Grudge, you can pull the off well c:

    1. Haha Bambino, it's not too hard, just a bit of care. I'll bring them on a Thursday and we'll see.

  2. thanks for your great comment. now i am going to upload a new outfit