Friday, 3 August 2012

Life | Before Year 2 Semester 2

The first post, I really don't know what to talk about.

Sometimes life throws something at you unexpectedly and you might leave it lying there or you might walk over or even swim over to catch it, without knowing what it is. I met a really good friend the past few months and it's really cool. We have some common interests and we genuinely encourage each other.

I really needed that since I've lost contact with someone whom I was great with for many years, and another good friend who moved to another State. My other good friend was unreachable D:

Friends are there to inspire and encourage, you don't have to see them everyday but I guess it helps and communication, regardless of what you talk about is vital. Sometimes it isn't about what you say or don't say, just about being there and reply to what the other person is saying. Just a simple emoticon :D may be sufficient. Maybe even -.-

Anyway, that eventually led me to try doing something productive with my life during the semester break. I started designing some of my own T-shirts. It's really no big deal and anyone can do it. But yeah, it was extremely difficult coming up with a logo and everything, and most of my initial designs didn't work out well.

All these were relevant when Semester 2 started and in the first tutorials we played those introduction games of telling everyone about ourselves.
Hobbies? I really had none except sleeping and eating.
What did I do during the break? Nothing except making T-shirts and thinking of making T-shirts. It was embarrassing.

I've made 5 but only 3 were photographed.


  1. I've always considered you one of those lucky individuals that could start friendships quite easily cause you're someone who could naturally break the ice on things, but hey, friendships are difficult to maintain and whether we like it or not, so many tribulations harm them.. Sigh, I feel ya. But I'm glad you found that good friend! I didn't realise you made five shirts, little sweatshop worker. I don't think I would have the patience for painting shirts but your designs look great :) Welcome to blogger Tony!

    1. Thanks Bambino, but you know, as easy as it seems for me, it's quite hard and it's just getting worse LOL. But maintaining a friend or getting close to one is even more difficult. Anyway, you're also quite an encouraging friend :)

  2. You're right! Friends are vital. People generally want to share their lives.
    Do you think that technology has made us needy? I find myself checking my phone for messages that aren't there.
    Does that make me narcissistic or is this need for instant approval and communication just natural; a sped up way to get an answer to 'I hope that carrier pigeon brings me something soon'.

    1. that is true polo, and thanks for making an account just for comment haha, but i hope you start blogging too, I'll be the first one to follow.
      I don't think it is exactly narcissistic but that's just how this generation is brought up. We demand instantaenousness you know. But that's fine.
      Through my interaction with friends in different time zones, I've learnt to appreciate this non-instantaneous sort of feeling. It is sad to begin with and somewhat difficult at times, but I do think it gives us just the right amount of nutrients so we don't become something we don't want to become. I guess through this, I have become somewhat less self absorbed but at the same time, I can feel sad that one reply is taking so long.
      You know what, I don't even know what my point is anymore polo, but yeah, we are always learning polo and I learn a lot from you.