Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Life | How's it going?

This whole week has been a bit strange. I know the week isn't over yet, but it feels like it's going nowhere. Once again, I doubt I'll end up getting any of my uni work done. It's already Week 4, it's crazy. 1/3 already done. Another 2 sets of these and I've got to worry about final exams. Not cool.

I hate worrying about stress, it stresses me (lol...) anyway it also kind of sucked this week because I especially lacked my support network. Most of my friends have so much crap to worry about themselves I can't be selfish and burden them more. Also, talking about uni stress with them results in no gain, it's basically the same thing over and over again.

But as I've learnt last semester and the semester before, the worst thing you can do is to subdue to the stress. Don't let the stress take over your life. It's hard to not think about the stress and not pay attention to it, but it's beneficial to. What I mean is, if you feel extremely stressed, go do something else, as tight as time is (I am currently squeezing the last few minutes of my morning to blog -unproductive?- before I have to leave), you need to take time off your life. That's why today, even though I have two and a half weeks of readings piled up (total of about 680 pages for 4 subjects), homework and quizzes coming up, mid sessions exams, mid session assignments for Torts and Contracts 2, I am going out to pursue my hobby today with my lionsis. I'm going to take photos just for the fun of it. Travel time of about two hours back and forth, probably get home late in the afternoon, unable to do anything. But I think I can do everything I plan to do tonight.

I also hate myself for waking up early today because it gave me an excuse to skip gym - I've never stuck to the schedule I set myself so far. I really am lazy sometimes and I hate that about myself. This is why Ralph Lauren doesn't want to sign me (lol). Anyway, half of this 'laziness' comes from the stress of worrying about stress and everything.

Hopefully I'll come back feeling refreshed and I will be able to do something, anything, I really need to finish some uni work. Wish me luck.

Photos up soon, maybe today, maybe tomorrow.

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  1. I've always figured, 'if you break down and cry over stress, you'd be wasting time and get even more stressed'. Lolol that sounds so brutal, but it's true, although sometimes we just need to unwind before jumping headfirst into the workload. I agree.. it's already week 4 and I'm swamped under a pile of assignments and major works already, where there's a will, there's a way! Hope you had a great day with your lionsis :)