Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Life | Houseki

Somewhere amongst all the commotion, you find a few great friends, you find some gems.

Really, this post is just for myself. I'm not going to make a list of them, that's stupid. I know who they are and hopefully they know who I am. Sometimes they pop up in the most unexpected places - all I can say is that it's chance and effort. You don't always have to agree, but for me, these friends and I mostly do.

Differences really make a friendship worthwhile. Envy and admiration? These all translate to affection over time and through effort you put in. Somewhere among the busy-ness of everyday life, you find the ones where putting in effort is effortless - it's not tiring at all. The gain is much greater than costs. It's not draining at all. Those are the ones you must look after. These are the gems among the rubble.

You don't have to speak everyday but it does help. Don't think that just because we don't speak everyday that we are nothing - just seeing you actively on some form of social media or in real life helps me feel replenished.

Just know that those are the ones. Have faith that they will uphold what is an unwritten, unspoken, implied, non-binding contract of friendship. There is something about this sort of contract that is so weak and fragile that is so important and special. If you recognise that they are your great friends then they are to you, your great friends. This is the thing about definitions. It's just what you define them to be ;D - this can also be bad though. What if you aren't as great as you thought you were? Does it matter though? I was happy for that moment. That moment was that moment - and that moment was all it was. But still, sometimes I like affirmation. Sometimes I wish it was crystal clear.

Am I afraid of drifting? Hell yes.

The time is gone, Roman - House de Racket


  1. I sometimes feel like to the point, I'm overvaluing friendships without any affirmation but do I really need that or is it a mutual substance that we have between one another? And I believe if we all had a homogenous group of friends then it'd be rather bland, so those differences are actually appreciated. I'm glad you have found and established that group of friends :)

    1. That's quite the same with me. No Bambino, not groups. I realised that groups isn't the way I should roll. I should pay attention to each individual one. Select the diamonds in the rough and cut and polish them individually.
      Anyway, thanks for all the bonding over Twitter, Blogspot and other stuff and even on my Birthday. I'm sorry I have yet to blog about the awesome card you made for me. I'm just waiting on something else so then I wouldn't have to blog about similar things multiple times. Stay tuned!