Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Life | Birthday experience

Usually Wednesdays are the days which I get to blog during the day. I should be studying though since I have to go to work later and super difficult homework due tomorrow, worth only a mere 3% (damn). Although I don't necessarily expect a cake at work but since TODAY is the DAY... it would be nice if there was one (except I already ate a slice of cake this morning). Anyway, all my friends know I enjoy cake the most.

I don't feel much older - but I plan to. What I mean is, dreading the age of 20 has been on my mind for the whole year now so I've felt 20 the whole time - I'm quite accustomed to it (except now I have to go change my age in my bio on Instagram/ Blogspot etc. Ha!). And what I mean by I plan to is that I'm always in the process of bettering myself but even so, I will definitely step it up this year.

Anyway, I don't really blog about these celebrations because I want to keep them between those who I have shared it with. However, I really enjoy meeting up with people individually or talking to them individually on my birthday, rather than just have a mass of people all around. I like it more personal - maybe because in the back of my mind I'm thinking you're here for ME - so your attention should be all on me (typical Leo behaviour).

But I did run a charity event for my birthday and we raised some money for Africa - I'll go donate it probably next week or early September when my university mid-semester break begins so I have more free time. PLEASE don't think I'm stealing it LOL - just a matter of time until it gets to Africa. I guess I did this because I feel like I'm 20 and damn, I haven't done anything useful with my life. I haven't done something I really want to do - ohwaitimabouttosoonenough,ithink. I just want to achieve something and be proud of myself.

I didn't really take pictures of anything - I usually don't for my birthdays because I like to keep it in that moment - be only reminded of by memories and so, they must be good enough to remind me. That makes it more precious. A few people bought me cake :D The big cake however, died as the passion-fruit pulp went everywhere and the writing on the cake was thus, a mess.

Cake from lionsis
But, I think the past few weeks, I've been reminded of something very important to me - my friends and their care for me. Reading birthday cards are great because most people don't write generic HBD on a whole birthday card. So I love all those who didn't do that. Also, this is completely irrelevant but I also learnt, in the last few weeks to just go spoil myself - I plan to buy lots of things (not with the African money - I promise, this blog post is proof).

On another note: Woot! Anita (friend for 11 years - gees we're old) is taking me out to froyo tonight :D

Anyway, age is but a number... a very very saddening number unfortunately. Ha!


  1. Can't believe we're no longer teens aye? Well--- I have a few more months to hit that milestone hehe. But I never realised you liked birthday cards - I was actually gonna make you one - but would've been too slapped in the face if you were like those individuals who thought they were tacky! But well done on raising charity money and happy birthday Lion :)

    1. i know right?! time is too cruel. Anyway Birthday cards are the best gifts! the tackier the better actually. Someone gave me a collage of random shit and it was one of the best cards I ever received! Thanks again bambeenoo