Friday, 24 August 2012

Life | The world's a better place with sunglasses

Been missing from this blog for a while so I'll blame it on uni being busy. Anyway lately I have felt very sunglasses deprived and I've been looking to buy some sunglasses. I've been wanting flat brow sunnies as well as round ones ever since Peter-Patrick showed his really cool ones. Damn those made me jealous. So yesterday I went with Senna to go get some cos apparently there were sunnies for only $2 at rubi and to be very honest, I doubted the variety and sure enough, all womens. Depressed, the Sydney weather decided to enact some pathetic fallacy and pour on us.

Anyway Thursday night, which I thought would be hell, wasn't. I finished my torts assignment even though I stayed up till 1:30. It was because I was wasting time on Facebook/Twitter/etcetc/MSN (yes MSN still exists) ha!

So today I went to uni just to hand in my assignment and damn, it was against me. Getting to uni was such a mission. My papers flew everywhere as I was waiting for the bus. I had to chase them and avoiding trucks that drove by my place. Sorry this post isn't really interesting. Um... I bought some things on ASOS? - Ehdy showed me some really cool flat brow sunnies and I somehow ended up spending $90. I will show you guys when I get them (during the mid sem break). I also went to the gym for 20 mins and got really bored so I came home to paint a few T-shirts. You can see them in the future :D

Most of the day was spent catching up with ieatpuppies and Suyin over lunch. Although only I ate -.-

ieatpuppies is really hard working and I felt so inspired, I also felt really spoilt today and guilty spending money on random crap. Damn. And yeah, no more complaining about assessments! Just when I decided that I should spend MORE money on myself. Bleh, the world works in mysterious ways.

Other things include being a stalker on public transport and looking for models and looking at cafe waitresses.

Next mission - get a really cool blazer. Get a few, get a few of different colours. Yes. That will be my plan. Eh.. okay, bye now. Time to do Contracts 2 due Monday and study for FINS quiz on monday and Micro mid session on Tuesday.

Say you love me too - Angela Aki

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  1. Yes, you haven't been blogging very frequently! But no one blames you with the uni workload T_T I need to buy new sunnies.. my Wayferers snapped and I've been living in a world of first world pains since. The weather felt your depressed mood, so it poured and poured that day. I read your FB status on your 'omens', poor you T___T o0o0o you made new shirts?! I wanna see! Blazers? Hmm hehe splurge on Jack London. Good luck on your next load of assessments!