Thursday, 30 August 2012

Photos | Incinerator

Today was a super chill day with POLONIUS because she has a 1500 essay due tomorrow but chose to hang out with me instead. Wut? Anyway, as with most days, it's not as exciting looking at it retrospectively and blogging about it. Oh, well, with me anyway, you had to be there.We wanted to dress like freaks since it was Newtown (lol jks) but we didn't end up doing so. Saw Joan at Redfern on the way there.

Ok I lied, so sue me - actually you can't, there was no contract formed, nor was there any sort of substantial detrimental reliance for a form of estoppel, it wasn't an actual photoshoot but we took photos. The day began because we wanted to just hang at Newtown and buy things but we ended up spending money on food. First stop, Thai La Ong (I think) where the lunch was only $6.50 a dish (woot!). We talked about global issues and it was really fun, like a model UN conference. Ha! After we finished we were gonna go WOWCOW because I wanted to get GS style froyo (what white people get). Lol but next to Thai La Ong, we foung Zwirl froyo. Which was as ghetto as it sounds. Although it was happy hour and froyo cost only $1, the toppings were crap - all the fruits were stale and shit. On another note, they were playing various songs by Nicki Minaj...=_=

So we headed to WOWCOW and wanted to buy some froyo and luckily, another man came in and asked how much the stuff was, only to get a reply that each topping was $1 we bolted out of the store LOL (not really) - and also they didn't have cookie pieces (essential to the GS froyo). On the way to the car we saw a frog swimming in water. Great. Speaking of which (which is irrelevant), ieatpuppies spoke like Yoda today.

Getting into the car, we saw the Redfern incinerators and we drove there to take photos cos it was cool-looking. We'll definitely come back next time when we are dressed for it haha but here are some shots at the place.

Yeah I was about to slip, fall and die (not the last bit)
You see my T-shirt? I love it. What a super cool designer.

Eh.. I'll just dot point the rest. LOL
- went to Eastgardens
- went to target and k mart to find some plain shirts for me to put my designs on (failed to find any NORMAL sizes, why the f do they only stock XXXL and XXL in ALL their stores)
- bought sushi
- bought stuff at BreadTop
- bought some 'groovy' juice at Coles which looked like detergent (yum)
- POLONIUS drove me to Dinu's house where we stalked her for a bit and then Central station.
- POLONIUS did not get a Hi5 from me in the car and so she started zigzagging on the damn freeway (cue heart attack)
- Instead of buying boots today I bought that mustard blazer. And so, the MBMJ watch will have to wait.

Ugh I hate blogging about my day, it seems so lame now. Hahahaha even though it was a really good day. Hmm maybe because I was pissed off shit last night. Oh and I'm REALLY poor now for spending money on food. I came home and there's a parcel to be collected tomorrow. Excitement.


  1. Hi Tonz! :) Hehe. So that's what you guys did today? Nice. (Y) I really like your blog layout/design/background btw! It's got this attractive simplicity. Don't change it! (Not that you were planning to...) And "not a model YET"? LOL.

    Anyway, I shall be following you soon! Hope that's not an issue. ;)

    1. haha! just keep whatever is here to what is here and between you and me :D
      And thanks! yeah, not YET :P