Sunday, 23 September 2012

Life | Fated

With this blog I've been trying my best to keep the posts relatively short. I don't know, I thought giant posts would be too bothersome for you to read and stuff, but I think brain dumps can be quite beautiful too. Brain dumps reveal so much more. Maybe the way your brain placed the words, maybe it is the words you don't cut out that gives something greater and fuller meaning. Although it could be such a chore for the readers. I don't know what the topic of this post is. It's just rambling. (edit: I added this after posting. It's just about me being lazy).

So I have my Finance quiz tomorrow and I don't know what I've learnt over the past 4 weeks because:
1. I have been playing games
2. I have been watching TV (yes, TV, who even watched TV these days?) + being a couch potato with lots of Doritos and Twisties
3. I have been playing games
4. I have been using sleep as an escape from uni work
5. I have been at work
6. I have not been to the gym
7. I have been playing games
8. I have been going out and spending money, therefore I need to work
9. I still use Facebook and Twitter. No thanks to Bambino for occupying me on Twitter.

With the release of iPhone 5. I couldn't care less... But I did realise that adopting the iPhone 4s (it was a spare at home I was so adamant not changing from my Nokia E71 but I ended up doing so) has impacted my life. Actually an early incentive for switching was Clu and Ct constantly telling me to use Instagram. Which has been really fun this year.

I have to admit regrettably that I have also not done my law readings since week 5 (week 10 coming up). I have also been skipping some lectures to sit and eat (WHY?) I've been going out way too much already but I still want to go out more. It's just far more fun than sitting at home studying. I opened my textbook today but pushed it aside and did nothing. Then I took a nap. Then I watched TV. Then I blinked. Then I took a breath. Lewis tells me that it's that time of the year in semester 2 when you are just ceebs. But I will pick myself back up. I know I will. As my GS says, "It'll work out." And it will.

I'm just not bothered but. But why D:
I will get myself back again. I know it.

Another thing, after writing this, I think I feel much more collected and calm.I think I'm ready I can study now - I think I will blog when I can't get any work done.

Do you believe in fate? - 浜崎あゆみ


  1. I like brain dumps! Brain dump all the way! I think its just how we try to extrapolate what's going on in our minds, that it makes sense inside there but drags on and on when articulated. I read 'I have my French quiz' tomorrow and was like 'since when are you learning?!' /btw have you done your Gen Eds yet/ Dry Twisties taste like cardboard :33 LOL well you're welcome for me occupying you, don't hate. You only blinked once Lion? And took only one breath? Can you believe we're nearly halfway done with uni? This was a good post haha, mind vomit on word play

    1. I've been having way to much fun these days. I should feel guilty but I don't. This must be how the broken door feels. I think I blinked about 5 times D: sorry for lying about just once.
      I'm not half way. I've got 5 years. I don't think I get gen eds as a double degree slave.