Sunday, 14 October 2012

Life | MAKE IT

Actually, I wanted the post title to be 'NAKED' because it sounds like 'MAKE IT' but it would have no relevance to this post haha. Anyway, I didn't exactly lie in my last post about when I was going to make this post (I said I would do it at the end of that week, but I'm doing it now). I didn't lie because I intended to do it that week, but I didn't.. still - that's not a lie right? Is it? :S

Anyway, this is to wrap up my birthday and it's so delayed because I finally got the shirt I 'ordered' from Europe. It cost about 120€. It's from a small boutique in Germany from an upcoming designer.
Expensive shit
(This is unrelated but I am quite hungry at the moment.)

I'm not serious. But this shirt was made by one of my dearest friends - to me it's extremely valuable. I like everything made, I like to know that there was blood and sweat involved in the work (but please do NOT make me something similar to 'Blood Sweat & Fears' by Shaun Clark - I do not want Hepatitis) and effort you put into me. I got the shirt from GS, and no, I do not hate it man, I just haven't had an opportunity to wear it since Sydney weather these days is just a tiny bit more ecstatic than those Rivers Ads.

I love DIY. I like making things and I like getting things which were made for me.

Anyway, another thoughtful thing I got was from Bambino! She made me a digivice card which is super awesome. I can't fathom how much effort she had to put into that. Only one other person has made me an artistic card and that was a LONG time ago. Bambino is such a dedicated artist who at times like to cut off her metaphorical ear. I love this way too much - its extremely thoughtful, to combine it with something I like. It's like she knows what I like. LOL such a strange paragraph, but I will not delete or alter it.

And yeah, thanks to everyone else who gave me a card, or wrote something in a card for me. Every single word meant a lot to me. Thanks y'all! Sometimes the content isn't important. Unless the content is just HBD, which means that it is ALWAYS not important.

This is not related to my birthday but Vinay and I also got a card from our Year 12 students. Best of luck for the HSC tomorrow. The card is huge and filled with long ass messages. It really touched me hahaha.

If you make me something, it is likely I will love you for life, even if you don't want me to. Soz.

I will not regret posting this right now even though I have my finance quiz tomorrow and I haven't prepared for it yet. I hope I will do well. Please good karma. Come on! LOL - even if I get a bad mark I will try my best for the finals and stuff. Tomorrow after uni I am definitely picking myself back up again because it's time to cut the fat. So much work needs to be done. But yeah, I can do it. No more going out. Especially when I was going to shout Trev and Kendoll coffee today but I didn't even have the minimum $20 in my bank card to use eftpos or withdraw some cash. FML, someone please shut down ASOS and eBay for a bit. Thanks.

Make it, make it, make it up, make up your mind now - 安室奈美恵


  1. I was seriously going to question you about spending 120e on a shirt but that's very lovely that your friend made you a shirt c: And it's even got a peace logo around everywhere. If there isn't blood then I'm sure sweat and tears went into it. ERMAGOD I'M ON YOUR BLOG..... awww ono I hope you managed to read my writing LOL..... hey hey, I do metaphorically cut off my ear way too much. It's also a reference to 'Resevoir Dogs' because I love Quentin Tarantino. I'm really glad you liked it! I wasn't actually gonna give it because I thought you would think it be the epitome of tacky. I think birthday cards are so horribly underrated, why don't people get off Facebook and write a decent message anymore. Aww your students gave you a card? How cute is that, and touching. Good luck on your exam tomorrow Lion!

    1. LOL yeah thats true but I have to admit sometimes I write lazy messages too D:
      but I dont mind facebook happy birthdays if they contain something more valuable :D
      i always feel obliged to 'like' even the shit ones like HBD since they bothered to click and post it
      I thought ear off was paying homage to Van Gogh haha.
      Tacky? never in terms of something meaningful like a card. Thanks again!