Monday, 22 October 2012

Photos (Teaser) | Drown in Brown

Hey blog readers, I've revamped the blog - not really just changed the header and stuff. Hope you enjoy the new template. Also, I got this jacket a while back, a few years ago, mother lion bought it for me and it's those ones which can be worn both ways (one side is black, the other is blue). The jacket is by a Japanese designer, Takeo Kikuchi - this is the only thing I have from that label but I will definitely look for more in the future. Anyway, I didn't really show off the versatility of the jacket this time I guess but there is always next time.

Once again, I took photos randomly because I was bored (of studying) and they turned out pretty well this time. I guess everything looks good in Sepia, or black and white, so that's cheating. Haha anyway. Have a good day all! Here's a preview.
On another note,  I love taking naps but it's becoming a big waste of time. How do I stop. Also, how can I stop snoozing my alarm? D: Wasting my day everyday.


  1. haha this picture reminds me of *looks at iphone wallpaper* "IS THAT YOU?"
    PS I like your old theme better, but this one is good too #needsmorecollarbone

    1. nuh i like this more. only regret is also the collar bone
      hey lol, that question was not asked in capitals! hahaha