Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Photos | Drown in Brown

Woah, its been ages since that post. Well, not really haha, a week or so. Anyway this will probably be the last post this month. I haven't been too active here or on Instagram because I've been capped lately (haha and Tumblr is just posting my queued up posts). I can't wait for next month to start :D but at the same time that's when my next exam is. I must prepare for that because I know almost nothing. Gees.

Okay I hope you like the pictures. The last one I kinda just played around with effects a little. Oh and don't think I'm bad at cropping. I wanted these to be like this ;D I wanted to seem a little more insignificant and further away - I wanted even more blankness. No idea why but it's something a bit different. As I said, the jacket is by Takeo Kikuchi - it's really cool!

See you kids next month! Speaking of next month tomorrow is Halloween. There's a party at some secluded place for $10 entry I really wanna go but exams are getting in the way. My friends are also hosting one after exams. Hopefully I'll get a costume sorted by then. Enjoy your lollies/sweets/candy for the rest of the month.

Karl Lagerfeld says no unfortunately. Ha!


  1. You and your photoshoots, how do you manage to be so composed through a self timer... unless you've employed yourself a new photographer then HMPH. I like the jacket, its very baroque-like. Mama Lion got it for you didn't she, how thoughtful ^__^ Secluded party.. are you going to die? LOLjks, maybe sure its not near a lake so Jason doesn't come outta nowhere. Yay I wanna see your costume :)

  2. Amazing photos! You look really nice, your hair, the outfit... When do you have a photoshoot in Holland? :) xo

  3. Oeh love your header pic!
    Keep up the good work!

    follow each other?