Tuesday, 23 October 2012

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Good morning. It's morning here anyway..
Lately I really have the urge to pursue some projects and create a set of things instead of individual works. Not sure what though, not sure if I have the time for it either. I guess I'll wait for the finals to be over and see.
Anyway, I started my Tumblr last night. It's nothing like any of my blogs past and present. However, it is similar to a lot of blogs on Tumblr. I'm basically using it like a Twitter and Pinterest hybrid because Pinterest is just confusing as heck to use.
Check out Synthetic Organism if you have time. The link is also on the bar on the right hand side. Maybe I will draw some inspiration from Tumblr and find people with similar interest?.. Either that or waste a LOT of time looking at stuff.
Forgot to add a screenshot before. Here it is!

bis sp├Ąter!

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