Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Down The Rabbit Hole

Went shooting with Ms Sennnaa yesterday at the same place as last year (here). We just can't get enough of this place, with the twisted branches - such an artistic and mysterious environment. I will use the looks for my LOOKBOOK later but here's a look at the shoot after the jump. I bet if I was good at writing we could make this more editorial ;D

Photographer Tony Lion, Ms Sennnaa
Stylist Tony Lion, Ms Sennnaa
Editing Tony Lion

Shooting in winter is great because stylists can play around with layering more and at times during the shoot, it's also freezing... so that's a plus.

Chunky Studded Cap, Dior Homme White Shirt, Salvatore Ferragamo Bowtie, DOLCE & GABBANA Two Way Jacket, Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Clutch, Cheap Monday Black Skinny Jeans, Clarks Suede Boots, Silver Skull Jewellery by Sofia Fitzpatrick Rings.

Spike Studded Cap, JUUN J Happy Queen (by alexandfelix) T-Shirt, DOLCE & GABBANA Two Way Jacket, Levi's Belt, Cheap Monday Black Skinny Jeans, Silver Skull Jewellery by Sofia Fitzpatrick Rings and Necklace, MARC BY MARC JACOBS Sloane Watch, Bullet Bracelet, Thomas Sabo Bracelet.

Bowler Hat, AJ Morgan Flatbrow Sunglasses, Givenchy Shark & Mermaid T-Shirt, Andrew & Angel Shiny Down Jacket, Levi's Belt, Cheap Monday Black Skinny Jeans, Stripey Socks, DOLCE & GABBANA Wingtip Brougues, Silver Skull Jewellery by Sofia Fitzpatrick Rings.

More of Ms Sennnaa and her edits on her blog:


  1. Must get more ideas for more awesome shoots! This time I will buy like 2 dozen packs of batteries!!!!!! MORE ACCESSORIES TO ACTUALLY WEAR REGARDLESS IF THEY MATCH OR NOT! Otherwise we bring it to just look at haha~ :P

  2. lol yeah accessories are the best things in a look. They tell more stories than clothes sometimes. Yes let's think more about how and what to shoot. Haha I'll bring some batteries too!

  3. Yes!!!! I think it's quite easy to shoot when we have like a mini story behind a shoot/accessory. MORE MUSIC TOO!! HAHHAH! SPEAKERS NEXT TIME! :P

  4. I see you've been saving up your hard-earned slave-labour pennies for beautiful things. Nice work (Y)

    Btw, perhaps we should hit up the markets again sometime...say Glebe? More hipster. But I need to save monies... :(

  5. that's cool pick a time :)
    not sats. I know you've been released but I haven't!

  6. Wonderful!

  7. Oh no!! But Glebe markets operate on Sat :( Maybe we should do a general shopping day then hehe.
    Have fun at work tomorrow! :P