Thursday, 25 July 2013

Little Treasures Market Launch Night

Hi there SydneyCiders ;)

Little Treasures Market launched on 21 July and it's a great place to snap up some super cool fashion pieces. It's amazing to get to know local labels and be in an environment of creatives. Here are just some of the stuff on offer at District 01 (7 Randle Lane, Surry Hills). It's a Sunday market so if you're free you should definitely check it out. The market is run by Margaret from la petite mademoiselle selling very cool and stylish local labels. The market boasts many handmade vintage inspired pieces. And if guys think that it's all for girls, Dear Pluto does menswear!

Check out Little Treasures Market's Facebook page to stay updated on when the markets are on. Even if you can't visit, you should take a look at what the labels have on offer on their website.

I love getting to know designers because every label has a story. These opportunities are much bigger at markets because well, the designers usually man their own stalls. Kee Kee named her label after her grandparents Laurel & Hector and finds very interesting fabric for her label. Pigeon & Weasel are room-mates who make scented soy candles in recycled beer bottles!

SOLO showing off her handmade jewellery and Kee Kee who designs Laurel & Hector
See anything  you like?

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