Monday, 22 July 2013

Keeping Up With The KardashLion

A typical day in the holidays is just: make breakfast, eat breakfast, and by the time that's done, make lunch, eat lunch then get ready to go out for dinner. This is the last week of holidays and I want to hermit and pack my room, get ready for uni - even though that might not happen.

At the Observatory

Disclaimer: The following events are not strictly in chronological order.

Haven't been posting much. That's because Navu came back from interstate for the holidays so we're all hanging out lots. I think it's so important to have friends who aren't always with you because I don't know, they seem more respectable when they give advice - like they ventured out to the jungle and has come back more wise. Anyway, we wouldn't be good friends if we just met up to eat and stuff, superficially, and not actually share what's been going on. I'm glad to have friends like that who help me stay sane around all the craziness of uni and everything in between that and the act of still growing up.

I don't know, I know that I'm just as wise ;) but sometimes you need someone to tell you and remind you of what you already know. So you'll actually listen.

Also in the break, it's time for catching up with people that you want to see during uni but can't compromise a good time. Visited both the Art Gallery of NSW with Bambino (I love how we also went to Lindt Chocolate Cafe but didn't have any chocolate) and the Museum of Contemporary Art with Chrissy. Sydney really has amazing food and places.

At the Rocks

Last night (I slept for a total of 14 hours and had so many dreams) I dreamt of something - I love dreaming up ideas, like Dr Farnsworth from Futurama who dreamt of his inventions. It was some form of cinematography art of grotesque images of micro activity of organisms. I think one of then was inside of the ear drum pulsating and there were more. I think I've been influenced by Patricia Piccinini's loveable but grotesque things. But why are they still loveable? I think it's because they're mammals and cos they seem alive. Maybe because we are born alive and the fact that we have a soft exterior. Also, the cinematographic part was probably from looking at the works of Wangechi Mutu. Some of her works are quite disturbing.

Squat shot.. I mean jump shot

Snapchat: Sitting on the bridge
I also often dream of other ideas and 'facts' like that the ear drum melts at 70 degrees lol.. Which was wrong when I woke up and quickly Googled it. How stupid of me to actually check cos it's actually unreasonable for that to be the case.. but it would have been amazing if it were true. Then again I wouldn't know if a divine power has told me or I learnt of it somewhere subconsciously.

What an excellent Monday today is, finally, my camera arrived all the way from Holland! Len send me this a few weeks ago and it took forever to get here with delays and whatever. I have no idea how to use it because I can't find an instruction manual for the Agfamatic 2008, but I've just spend a few minutes playing around with it and I think I got the hang of it. Anyway, it's here and I'm really excited. I can't wait to use it, even though the film is crazy expensive. I going to wait for my sister to buy me the film overseas so I'm just going to buy some today at The Galeries Victoria. Hope to create fun photos of my friends and I. Check out Len's blog, The Dutch Story, it's a really pleasant read with great photos and often really cool DIY ideas - I've been following her for a few months now.

Ok heading out now. I need a sign off line. Time to think of one that's pretentiously cultural and creatively witty.

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