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LCM | 5 Trends at London Collections Men - Wrap up for Menswear FW14

To begin I'm really sorry to myself for falling behind not updating the blog, especially at a time like this, where the biggest menswear shows are being held. I guess I felt overwhelmed by the potential content I would have to cover. But I shouldn't be and I'm not. This blog is all about passion and hard work is it's own reward. Recently I've also been involved in working on a fashion magazine/journal for University students in Australia as the menswear editor (super yes please) and I will definitely give it more than 600% for that. It's great to be able to have some sort of input into some form of media as well as be on set shooting for the magazine. Also, I have found a photographer who wants to shoot on a more regular basis for my blog and I'm sure it would be helpful for the magazine too. I guess this month was very much a preparatory one with more things going on behind the scenes. I will always have time for everything because my dad always told me that you can always make time for things you want to do.

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Beginning with London Collections: Men, notable mentions for AW14 go to Lou Dalton, Burberry Prorsum and Jonathan Saunders. View the collections here.

Tan: Brown(ed) to perfection
Such an easy colour to work with. This season offers the earthy tone's compliments with leather goods. Whether in classic menswear or in a more modern and updated look, it suits the season really well and creates such an elegant and sophisticated style for a guy.
Burberry Prorsum | Oliver Spencer | Hardy Amies | Lou Dalton | J.W. Anderson

Edge: Stunning and clean visuals
Moving on from previously trendy geos, the edges and minimalist lines in this season's pieces are outstanding. The edges and smooth vectors in the looks create menswear chic. On the other hand, some pieces use lines to make attention grabbing pieces. It's great to see menswear still retaining its traditional qualities while moving into an edgier realm.
Alexander McQueen | Jonathan Saunders | Christopher Raeburn | YMC

Super colour: Instant attention
Maybe I am biased but I like colour in fashion. Colour blocking and even in the overall looks by pairing up different colours, having hints of them, have really made certain labels stand out in the recent years of menswear. The focus on 'sock game' is one such example, using colourful and inspired socks to add an otherwise 'boring' look. Graphic prints, bold colours in contrast with plain colours are key in this season's looks. Colours make menswear a little more playful and still sophisticated. Because boys will be boys.
Christopher Kane | Oliver Spencer | Topman Design | Jonathan Saunders
Katie Eary | Burberry Prorsum

Textured: Voluminous
Textured looks are staple for autumn winter. The layered look is sophisticated, put together but most of all comfortable for the season. The colder months allow layering much easier and this season, the quilted jackets, textured sew-ons, choice of materials and the use of pleats (uh ha there were pleats) create a much more interesting look than just prints. Also a great time for knitwear. Throw a scarf or snood over that and the look is perfectly put together.
Topman Design | Katie Eary | Matthew Miller | Hardy Amies | Oliver Spencer
Lou Dalton | James Long | YMC | Burberry Prorsum | J.W. Anderson

Bombers: Hot item
Bomber jackets are not going away (and I don't think they should). The item is sooo good in how versatile it is. The runways showed that it could be casual and switched up when worn under a blazer. This modern twist to classic menswear is refreshing. Designers also seem to enjoy trying different things with them, some with graphic prints and others with sewn on textures. The sleeves are great with contrasting textures or as an extension of the main print.
Oliver Spencer | Agi & Sam | James Long | Jonathan Saunders
YMC | Lou Dalton | Burberry Prorsum | Christopher Raeburn

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