Friday, 17 February 2017

New In | Burberry, Versace Collection, Nudie Jeans

BURBERRY Kensington Mid-Length Trench Coat | BURBERRY BRIT Brighton Lightweight Technical Jacket | VERSACE COLLECTION V Neck Sweater | NUDIE JEANS Lean Dean Jeans | BURBERRY Pipley Satin Bomber Jacket

Kensington Mid-Length Heritage Trench Coat

When we think investment pieces for a guy a beige coloured trench coat is definitely on the list. A timeless addition to my wardrobe I couldn't wait to have. The colour is signature to Burberry and tailored fit is perfect for both on and off duty looks since it is roomy enough for a suit jacket underneath.

The trench is an amazingly versatile and quality piece that can be worn season to season. Okay, maybe not summer these days but that's fine. I can wait.

Brighton Lightweight Technical Jacket
Steel Blue

I snapped up this jacket because I wanted something I could wear to work as something I can throw on quite easily. This is a great harrington jacket great for spring (and some summer days) where there are off chances of rain and a breeze.

I don't usually go for lighter colours but I think this one is still quite a classic tone so it's something I can get away with for many years :)

V Neck Sweater

The reason for this is work again. A V neck sweater is great over a shirt and tie on days when I don't want to wear a full suit to work - it gets a little bit tiring. I love getting Versace Collection pieces for work because they still have accents which show off their little more daring side (which I am a fan of) yet is toned down enough for everyday wear.

And I love the half medusa face!

Lean Dean Jeans
Dry Black

Even though the colour on the tag says 'Dry Black' this pair of jeans is more of a dark indigo. I've been looking for a pair of jeans for a while. Even though I had raw denim with an orangey, yellowish trim in mind, this came at me at a good price point so I bought it. I can tell that it is a good quality pair of jeans but it might take a while to break into first.

I also am intrigued by the fact that Nudie Jeans is an environmentally and socially conscious company but I will have to look into that a bit more. It's Svenska though!

Pipley Satin Bomber Jacket

I loved this jacket the first time I laid eyes on it. The shape, structure, materials and colours are so luxe and cool.

I love bomber jackets that are made quite thick because it completely changes the look and feel. The shiny finish in the fabric is perfect and just love everything about it. The gold hardware really also complements the navy (Burberry does that well). This really was a 'treat yoself' piece though.

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