Friday, 15 March 2013

Even superheroes

Are there people you idolise? People who really inspire you? I get this strong feeling when I just meet someone, or when I don't know someone well but not too well. Everything about them is inspiring to me - what they've done in life, what they are doing. I have to admit that I actually look up to a lot of my peers.. kind of secretly of course haha. But sometimes when you get to know them better, you learn things about them, you learn about their flaws. Getting close to someone is about vulnerability. Once I see that they do have flaws, it isn't that I respect them less, but that I begin to relate to them more - I begin to think to myself, hey, I'm flawed too, and even though I'm not a superhero yet, I can probably work hard at all the superhero things that you seem to be able to pull off.

You can’t get anything precious,
Unless you offer something equally precious.

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  1. I think flaws do help you relate to others, but I've never seen flaws as a negative thing. I think in posessing them, it defines what we do about it or how we acknowledge it that's relatable. I guess I idolize my friends because although they've lived for the same amount of time on this planet as I, the time it took for them to grow into the people I'd want to share company with is quite amazing.