Sunday, 24 March 2013


There's always so much going on. Leaves rustling, sun light flickering through the trees. Gas molecules moving freely and erratically. Sometimes we can see what's going on, other times we can't so we just deduce that it's still happening. No matter how much the Earth spins around the sun, and on it's own, it seems to go a lot faster and everything seems to be happening more when you take a moment and think about it. I can just imagine the whole solar system moving quickly around the Sun, zooming down to bacteria multiplying, and  even subatomic particles.

We can easily zoom into an aspect of our lives. Let's just take this second. That exact second that just passed. By it's face value, nothing really occurred. But inside you, all the enzymes and cells are working together. Maybe there are other things working too. Maybe your mind is subconsciously processing something you'll eventually learn. If you stop, the world doesn't. If you stop, you don't really stop unless you stop your mind.

Way beyond there

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