Saturday, 9 March 2013

Just push me down, push me down, push me down

So I really wanted to do my best coming back to the blog but I just can't seem to be able to do it. It's not really that I have nothing to post but I think for my life, it's not great for writing.. at least just yet. Maybe I'll write a book about it later ;) haha anyway, Hub said that he would come back to his blog last month or even the month before, I can't remember, but his laziness also didn't allow him to either. I hate it how that the first step you have to take towards an action is the physical step but the first step backwards is just the thought of it.

Uni this semester will be tiring. Everything is difficult and Admin law readings are torturing me like S&M. How the ef am I supposed to read 99 pages every single lesson? I think the content is interest though and the textbook is easy to read but fml I just want to stab a cardboard box. Either way, I've only got 2 days of uni and 2 (half) days of work but I get home tired enough to just play Jurassic Park on my iPad (haha..). I'll do my best, especially for the 9-6pm Thursdays with no break. I'll do my best, I'll be excellent. Actually I have to complain about all my subjects - damn Business Forecasting.

On another note, I'm gonna work hard play hard. I'm still exercising and staying healthy so I don't need to go on the Biggest Loser, not as a contestant anyway. I'm also going to work hard at uni and play hard doing extracurricular and fun activities. Yes fun - kinda lost that and forgot about that for 2 years. Time to be the best.

Cry for the ones you love


  1. Oh I miss your hilarious charming posts. S&M, dafaq. What extracurricular activities will you be enjoying? I will eventually stalk you (the action of love) so we can get hokkaido cheesecakes (the action of gluttony).

    1. It's the lioncharm. Also, thank you for your charming comments.