Tuesday, 12 March 2013

To Kill

Apparently, if you want to kill someone, you should kill them with kindness. I used to think that it would work but then some people are just too thick to emote. The level of apathy also runs high these days. Anyway, since I was disheartened from that technique, I thought that it was irrational, it's like cutting beef with a blunt knife. You're really not going to get anywhere with it.

However, recently, I've discovered that if you keep cutting it, like almost sawing it, you can torture them better. I guess killing someone with kindness takes a lot of skill, patience and coffee. Yeah lots of coffee. Or maybe that's just because I'm exhausted from work, rest and play (no copyright infringement intended to Mars). But I like it. I like the thrill, the anxiety about finishing my readings off, the essence of living.

Oh, please don't actually dismember someone :) thanks.

You will become a hero one day, surely.

1 comment:

  1. Dying is easy, the process is art. After all, we were born to die.