Sunday, 7 April 2013

Enemies aren't close enough

You know those friends that you have to keep because they know too much of your crap and you know too much of theirs? Especially when they go through your phone and find the funniest and stupidest things. You also have 3 million sorts of in-jokes and references which each other understand and you can't imagine life without those. Who else would respond to your references without for a second think you're just plain stupid? Or give you the benefit of the doubt in all situations? And do nothing more than just laugh with you in embarrassing situations. Then raise it every now and again to make you want to kill yourself but not really, and you just end up laughing with them again.

A lot of people have reasons to be friends with others. It doesn't mean that they're not genuine. However, I often think to myself about some of my friends, why am I friends with you? You freak lol. And there's either no answer or too many answers. I hope they think of me like that too. Maybe minus the freak part. Maybe not.



  1. Unfortunately I can say what group of friends, or at least, 'individuals', this post relates too. Lol sigh.
    So we can't have friendship earlobe extenders? :-(

  2. hahhaha, I like this post :)