Monday, 22 April 2013


It seems that I'm spending a lot of time for and on LOOKBOOK and that my blog has been overtaken by it. But that's what happens when a kid gets a new toy. Hopefully other aspects of life will resume soon and the blog can be 'normal' again (which includes a LOT of readings to do for uni).

Niños is a playful look inspired by kids who want to grow up. It can seem serious and not serious at all. The most important parts of this look are the accessories and other pieces, and the way that they're worn so that a shirt and a bow don't get too serious. I think it's an outfit which is wearable and stylish in giving off a boyish charm. Sometimes a problem with mixing serious and fun is that the look doesn't seem well put together but just make sure to stick to a certain set of colours throughout and it should be fine. Then it looks like serious fun.

Ok. Let's talk items.

1. Pyramid Studded Cap from LiON
It's LiON because I made it. There are exactly 161 silver pyramid studs on this cap. I think the cap, along with all the other accessories and sneakers are important to keep this look as fun as possible.

2. Contrast Panels Shirt from ASOS
One of the best things I bought from ASOS during their sales. It works well often on its own and the slightly contrasting colours make the complete look more interesting.

3. 'Slayer' Collar Chains from Sophisticated Ignorance
It's a great item to add something interesting to a look but it's not as wearable all the time. I got the gold one they also have it in silver.

4. 'Diablos' Skull Pin from Sophisticated Ignorance
Got it at the same time with the collar chains. The good thing about this item is that I don't see many people with it at all which means it's often better to buy accessories (if you choose to do so online) from websites instead of eBay or you'll get a bunch of generic looking stuff which can be boring. I use this pin quite often because it goes with almost anything to make the whole look more fun and different.

5. Sloan MBM4006 from Marc by Marc Jacobs
I was excited to get this watch along with my Diesel one earlier this year because it's full of character - it's got BY MARC JACOBS all around the face of the clock instead of numbers. Although I wish that this watch was bigger. I like the chunkier watches.

6. Black Skinny Jeans from Cheap Monday
See, I wear them all the time.

7. Stripy Sneakers from K-Swiss
It's a shame I can never find these shoes again because I've had them for almost two years (I think) and they're the best shoes. The look is great and everyone comments on how they love them. Although they're quite dirty now due to overuse haha.


  1. (: Reb, xoxo.

    *Nuovo outfit sul mio blog, fammi sapere cosa ne pensi:

  2. It's quite interesting how you subdued but different the pops of colour are on your shirt, which is probably why it gets a big thumbs up from me (Y) And bowties are so charming. You know what they say? They say, children have wardrobes of the stunted adult. There is a playful quirk here but its age suited so I like it n_n plus I don't know how you managed to stud 161 on your own so kudos on that.

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