Saturday, 13 April 2013

MBFWA13 | We Are Handsome

Just a bit after Alice McCall at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, another show started at another location, the Theatre. I was really excited to see We Are Handsome because swimsuit shows are always the best. I mean Australian swimsuit shows are always the best. Why? Because the models are always the hottest and a the show itself is super cool and summery. The very culture of Australia translates into commercial fashion very easily in this area.

The show was great and one of the best ones of the week (well of course, besides hello ELLE which was crazy and I cannot wait to blog about that). I mean this in the show itself, how it was presented, what ideas were behind it etc.

Ladies walking towards me ;D

It opened with a model with her Monster headphones (probably a sponsor because at the show, along with the goodie bag, there was some promotion to win a special pair of them) and the music was muffled (or however you call it when you hear other people listen to music with their headphones) and she took them off to kick the show off. The energy levels of the models were great and they looked great in the swimsuits. Oh yes, and the bicycle. It matched the outfits completely and that was such a good touch and added so much to the show itself.

The designs however, I felt wasn't as strong because I wanted to see a move away from those animal head prints you see a lot of on tumblr. It felt overdone and the brand is just capitalising on its popularity instead of making something new. Although this was true, it wasn't lazy at all. The placement on the swimsuits were great. I remember one model came out wearing a plain dark grey (or black) bikini and I was thinking what? The rest of the show was all large prints. And she turned around and there was a lion roaring at her butt. It was clever and really likeable.

As I mentioned before, the strengths of Australian fashion lie in the commercial side because our culture is so cool and it's great paired up with swimsuits to reflect the summery nature of a Spring/Summer line. Also, good luck to We Are Handsome's launch in LA! Watch the show on if you can. It was great being there.

Good stuff: 

Ferris wheels are cool.
Couldn't find the plain bikini with a lion butt.
Also no bike D: