Saturday, 20 April 2013

LOOKBOOK | Basilica

Okay just speedily writing this because Bambino said I should and since she is the expert blogger I am compelled to listen to her. Just three minutes before, my computer crashed. (Not my destiny?)
Anyway let's talk items about this look :D

Basilica is inspired by the Christian crosses and religious allusions iconic to Givenchy. It's one of my favourite black and white looks (if you know me, I'm almost always in black and white). Anyway I enjoy the little, what I call 'perks' of the look which make it more interesting.

1. White Studded Collar Shirt from Givenchy

One of the latest additions to my wardrobe and one of the most interesting items. Although at the time of purchasing it, I was thinking, you know, I can pretty much put these spikes on myself on a random white shirt. But the cutting of the shirt was really good and fitted me perfectly. It was destiny there. Destiny at its best.

2. Cross T-Shirt from Givenchy
The pattern is of course the most interesting thing about this. It has that knitted pattern look which I love without the heaviness and warmth (hotness at times) associated with knitted wooly stuff. I also often just wear it on its own casually but also always goes great with other white shirts I have.

3. DZ7356 from Diesel
Damn the best watch. I've gotten so many comments about this watch cos of its HUGE size. Just so you know, there an even bigger one but this was suits me well. I love the silver and black. It also shows 2 times (the larger one shows 4) - perfect for busy people who fly across the world - or people who, like me, act like we're busy and fly everywhere across the world.

4. Black Skinny Jeans from Cheap Monday
I wear these EVERYDAY (almost - except on days where its in the wash) they're so comfy and usable daily! Everyone should have a pair of black skinny jeans. The best <$20 item I ever purchased from eBay. 

5. Faux-Leather Boots
These were really cheap and I guess I bought them for the style and the fact that they were boots instead of the quality. The quality isn't BAD AS F*CK and they're usable. Great for $60 from YesStyle. Actually though, I don't shop from YesStyle anymore because there are actually better options out there, everywhere.

6. Silver Chain
One of the best things I bought in China for $50 RMB which is almost $8 AUD. It's really usable under the collar of shirts.

Okay that's it for let's talk items. Unless you want to talk about underwear and socks. I don't. Thx.


  1. What socks did you wear? And I'm sure you're speaking about me sarcastically because there is no way I'm an expert. Talk about yourself when you have a bajillion fans trying to imitate your style. I also do like 'perks' of an outfit, I think accessories say more about a person than the overall shirt - bottoms - shoes. I've had bad experiences with eBay so I cannot bask in the glory of your amazing purchases.

    1. LOL what bad experiences? Ive had some purchases I regret but havent been scammed before. Thanks hopefully I'll have that when Givenchy creates a heaven for me.

    2. great style :-) i follow yuo now,follow each other?

  2. you look great !<3
    I follow you now ;D